Hey what’s up guys provide here and I’m here with another episode of awesome tech and gadgets make sure to check out our previous episodes to find some really cool tech in this series we talk about gadgets which we find interesting and are worth sharing now without any further ado let’s get started with this episode first up is the.

Su Lee Co smart lamp this is not your regular desk or bed lamp it can charge your smartphones and USB devices using the USB charging port and also supports wireless charging meaning you can simultaneously charge two devices talking about the build quality it’s fantastic with aluminium and hard plastic all around with a foldable design the.
LED has different modes with dimmable options as per your.

Liking this is great for working reading studying sleeping home or office purpose the touch sensitive and backlit buttons are very responsive and easy to use in the dark I personally use it as my bedside lamp as it has wireless charging for my devices and it’s so thoughtfully placed that the touch control buttons are not disturbed while charging my device I can easily control the functions.

Set a timer adjust the brightness and different lighting modes if you are looking for a functional bedside lamp this is the lamp to go next up its spot camp sense this is a really cool looking full HD wireless.
Security camera this camera.

Is great for both indoors and outdoors adds its ip65 weatherproof it’s very easy to set up all you need to do is connect your camera to your Wi-Fi via its app and you’re good to go also the included cable is 10 feet long so you don’t have to worry about wire extensions the camera can be placed anywhere or can be mounted we are the included wall mounting plates and.

Screws the rotating hinge helps you adjust the camera angle talking about the image quality it’s really good as you can see here so this is a sample footage also the automatic infrared LEDs helps to see clearly even in the dark moreover it.

Supports two-way audio meaning you can interact through the camera speaker via its app while we are on the app you can go to the live view to see what’s happening you can change.

The settings like the night vision mode flicker reduction image quality alerts motion detection etc as per your preference another cool feature is that it has something called video ai with various options.

You get options to send you alerts whenever there is a.

Movement around the camera missing object is where you set.

Misses from there it will alert you quite a cool feature similarly we have other AI features as well talking about storage we don’t get any memory card slots but you do.

Get 24 hours of continuous free cloud recording for more storage options and features you can visit their website all in all this is an amazing security camera with all the necessary features whether it’s for your home office or pets the audio and video quality is great plus the subscription rates are very reasonable next up is a very unique product called fit first heating pad as the name implies this is.

An electric heating pad it has the soft cloth cover on the outside which is washable and inside is the heating pad the main purpose.


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