Place the float books in ah avoid the back slips we’re facing a lip here we see the 19-inch uprights give put into position these will be used to mount rack mount equipment such as patch panels switches or any accessories of fishing to the cabinet like the LMS data notice the top roof shows a cutout for a single fan.

That can be purchased or it.

Can be left as is so you’ve got a for air convection that comes out at the top of the cabinet the reason why.

You have front and rear posts is obviously so it can be secured from both ends not just from the front of the cabinet but also the back so it doesn’t flex and damage that the profiles but please make sure that all the screws are fitted suitably within the cabinet so make it rigid as possible you.

May have your own specific designs on the way you want to do that this is one example of how it’s done the next stage is the blanket a outer blank panel that goes.

On the rear of the cabinet and this can be then be attached to the wall.

Or the design of the wall so it has a series of screws that fits in the back that goes to the cabinet frame at the back should be quite easy to fit the screws in there we recommend to use a power screwdriver reduces the times at the time to actually install it and it uses a standard Philips crosshead design on the screws itself so we’re looking about two-thirds of the way through the construction of the cabinet itself Paul will now actually be fitting the rear bar that goes on the back that will allow it.

To be affixed to a wall with the appropriate fixings for your specific wall please bear in mind that if it’s Brees or brick or cavity you will need a specific fixings that go on to the wall we LMS data or our distributors do not supply those because obviously their various types of wall donors also need to be aware of what the load bearing of the wall is and not to.

Exceed that if you’re unsure please refer to a qualified engineer or build up okay that looks like that’s fitted please make sure it fits tightened up and it’s not loose and once thats done we then proceed to attach the clip-on side panels that simply just clip in you can do that pre or post in the wall when.

The cabinet is on the wall it’s entirely up to you and what’s left is the front glass door and obviously please be careful that this is tempered glass and it can shatter so make sure it’s done on the.

Correct work surface it’s hinged as you can see from the.

Front there spring hinges you need to put the nylon washers on in place as shown in the video make sure that’s lined up and it just springs into.
Position like so and then there’s the key and you.

Get set of keys with that please don’t lose those and then you have a completed LMS data flat pack or cabinet thanks for.


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