Babar whether I’m playing a game I’ll talk to you later hi tribe just eat no banana thinking of you xoxo what welcome to how to block calls and texts from any number first you’ll need the software so go to the Android Marketplace and download easy filter it’s free easy and not annoying while you’re downloading it this is an.
Excellent app so be sure to rate it such skip.

The sign up because you don’t need it and then configure your block list as you can see this works like an IM block list what we’re gonna do is only block the specific people of your choosing you can also choose to block.

Messages incoming calls or both we’re gonna block both you can also block unknown callers which are really annoying after filling out your block list be sure to set a custom message which will automatically be sent to anyone who you’ve blocked that tries to contact you I suggest something sassy like this and you’re all set cobbler not picking is phone message Wow.


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