Oh hi everyone its Phil from budget tech life today I’m going to be doing a quick unboxing of the new Google home hub if you enjoy the channel so far please consider subscribing liking and hitting the notification icon so let’s take a look around the box on this side is information regarding what the Google assistant is capable of.

Google Calendar Google Maps nest YouTube Spotify etc on the back is some examples of what the Google hunt hope is able to do.

With the dancetube voice controlling being able to get information on weather calendar make all the owl calls playing songs showing Google photos specifications of the Google come up such as to far field microphones a.

Light sensor seven-inch touchscreen a full-range speaker and bluetooth support and Wi-Fi.

Support so first of all let’s get this cellophane wrapping taken off so we can.

See what’s inside first impression is that it looks.

Like a 7-inch Android tablet not necessarily a bad thing but not quite what I was expecting let’s take that box on the rear we have the power port volume rocker and a silent switch for turning the microphones off let’s put it aside a sec while we.

Have a look what else is in the box let’s take this divider oh looks like there’s a couple of leaflets inside hey let’s get started guide and a safety on warranty ID let’s have a look nothing very interesting in there and let’s get started guide basically allows you to plug it in download the app and connect to.

The Google home hub let’s see forth anything here nope right hand side looks like just the power cord I’m straight away I can see that it’s not the standard marker USB cord.

That’s with the Google our mini this uses an actual jack plug most say the feel of the google onhub he does have a really nice feel to materials on the back seam a very good quality and the quality of this screen and the plastics itself seem really good on the bottom we have an orange rubber grip.

To stop the hub sliding around on a table let’s take a look at it for some different angles as I say I will be planning to do a full review on this this is just a quick unboxing.

Today just to show you the contents of the Google home hub box so that’s it for today I will be doing a full review.

On this but I wanted to test it for a few days and give you my findings when I return but for now again if you enjoyed the channel please consider subscribing liking and hitting the notification icon to be informed of 100 of my next videos.


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