All right so we’re gonna open up the box give you a peek at what’s inside here open this bad boy up so this is the camera pull this out you can see the two lights on here as well as we’ve got a little instruction manual in here the installation kit which has a little screwdriver in it and this.

Is what we need now so this is the mounting plate and that mounting plate is gonna allow us to place this right on top of it so we’re gonna install.
This all right so here’s the backside of.

The light and what I like to do is take this ground wire right here and wrap it around the ground screw so that it holds up the light while I’m wiring it okay so we have got our light wired up we’ve got the ground wire wire up your neutral so white to white and we’ve got our hot wire so we’ve got orange to black sometimes it’s black to.

Black but whatever your hot wire is you’re gonna wire those together black is hot on the light white is neutral obviously and next thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna mount the light fixture right on these two posts and for that.

This has a couple of holes you can see right there it’s gonna slide right over but before you do that what you need to do is take the screws that are.

In the back and in that screw bag there’s two little black connectors that you’re gonna screw over the top of these to hold the light on so you want to have those out before you put the light on here so you can tighten it up right away and the light fixture won’t fall forward okay so we’ve.

Got the light up you can see these two screws that hold the light on here you can also adjust the angle of these spotlights with this so you can loosen it tighten it up down I usually these are really bright so I usually put them more out than down and you can also change the rotation of these so right here if you loosen this connector you’re gonna need.

A pair of pliers or channel locks or something to open this up a little bit and then you can rotate this light a little.

Bit more to left or right and then the camera obviously you can point it left right down up and we’re gonna use this to program it this is the programming button right here so you can also make a little bit of an adjustment back here for the camera.
Down also tighten this screw right here and that’s gonna lock.

This thing okay we turn the.

Power back on and you can see the lights go on when you set this up in programming Road and the actual.

Down here all right now it’s telling us to go to the ring app but you can see this blue light that means it’s ready to.

Be programmed so we’re gonna program that in the app and you just gotta go to your app and follow me instruct and follow the instructions and then you’re gonna see a view like this once you’ve got your ring floodlight connected the spotlights the other cameras that they’ve got all.

Have a similar interface this is really one of my favorite cameras if you have an existing light fixture outside this is a great way to replace the light fixture or flub bite where you’re still gonna get light but you’re also going to have a camera functionality and.

I think that’s really nice for people who don’t want to have any new wiring run or they don’t want to make any holes in the wall the ring floodlight is a perfect solution for that so visit us at one our smart home comm if you want to learn more about smart home technology product reviews or buy our products one our smart home comm we also sell our products on Amazon thank you very much.


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