Cabo’s new control center tech travel tools connected smoke alarms and some phones with all the storage all coming up on tech fit a big thank you to our patrons chatting Swain David and James Jay join the crew that makes texting possible at slash Texan thanks I’m Shannon Morse and I’ve added Orion and this is tech thing where.
We have something useful in every single.

Show I would like to make a very public apology to our editor Colleen who have heard me howling in the style.

Of Elton John she did it was pretty it was very falsetto it was very loud it was so Colleen Colleen I’m sorry and I will learn the sign language for that by next week okay you’re completely gone I can’t wait to see that yes yes so let’s talk about the kaavo control said remember the combo I do remember the car goes like $399 and it had.
Eight HD of my poor – no he’s gonna do all the.

It’s $99 at sports / HD RN Atmos and sadly sadly no longer offers the hidden browser that was keeping your watch list updated across all the different services you were using instead it offers discovery which basically involves.

Social and playlists hey I think these movies are great and the combo cache which is a long list of what you’ve most recently been streaming through the combo Control Center which is good yeah but I will say the original Cobo had I really liked the.

Idea that you could be like oh.

This is everything on my watch list for all these different platforms so right now when you look at the kaavo solid Harmony remote competitor with some nifty voice commands rather than the previous $400 kaavo which was next gen AI wonder bought that often fails and you’ve got a good sense of with the combo Control Center is all about it’s basically about working and not overreaching so Cobo doesn’t really get interesting until you have more than two devices your AVR an Apple TV a DVD blu-ray.

Player you know what I mean like once you start adding things onto this a supported devices like an apple your fire TV Roku media shield and no cable satellite boxes that’s when things start getting really slick and when you use supported services like Amazon Prime or iTunes or Netflix the list is a lot longer than that.

If you want to look at it and a really tightly highly compare screen look kids there’s a whole bunch of certain after you’ve.

Connected everything which was really painless compared to Cobo 1.

0 even with having to set up the included IR blaster and teach combo the right IR code to power my projector on and off which was really easy compared to Cobo 1.

0 even though I had to basically.

Teach the Cobo Control Center a code to power my projector on and off and I had to where is it kids saying kids a lot today I.

Had to actually add the IR blaster well the the control center is with all my EB equipment in a.

Closet and the projector is not right now projector supports not really a priority for Cabo because I said many projectors but really once all that was done all I had to do was press the mic button and say watch Eureka or watch black panther and the options of course yeah all the different services were there a couple of clicks and I had it on my preferred source so you know they kind of gave up the idea that it’s you.

Know it can noodle down to open.

Up something but if you’re searching for something it’s basically to be like you can buy a black panther you can you know you click on a button that gives you all the places you can you can watch it or pay for it or watch it for free occasionally my first voice search didn’t work turns out there is a racier french version of Beauty and the Beast that my kids aren’t ready.

To see now it’s funny but you know if the app is supported by cabo the voice search basically works one thing it’s kind.

Of frustrating you can’t use so there’s the mic button right yeah and what’s great is like you’re like oh you know and it works far away yes yeah like you’re sitting here it’s down at the.

You know you’d sit the far end of your arm it doesn’t matter it just works what you can’t use it for is for example the Siri voice search on the Apple TV so if you’ve gotten used to like speaking your incredibly complicated password into Apple TV’s password because you’ve.

Basically a password protected by new stuff so your kids don’t buy like nine seasons of Phineas and Ferb yeah you know you’re gonna have to be like yeah which I found in doing and of course Cabo doesn’t search apps.

And aren’t on its list so like with Cabo 1.0 we had to manually dig into the PBS app to get the new season of Poldark because if you voice search for Poldark it basically gave you the paid options which don’t include.

Season four much to my wife’s pores look it’s okay we’ll just go to the PBS f the big giant cabo button that pulls up the screen yeah you can see it right here it’s like advertising it’s awesome the skinny.

Little four-way button that wraps around the primary input button yeah not so awesome they could be a lot less skinny and that’s not just because I’m trying pause pretty much everybody know that touched it was like yeah I figured out exactly where to put their fingers and so you’re gonna have to learn something to the cabo there’s no backlight which drove me nuts at first and then I finally accepted that you know they’re capacitive buttons so if you kind of if you barely touch a button.

A little it’ll work no little thing pops up on the screen that tells you what the button does that’s the play button that I’m actually moving my fingers to the right button without looking yeah that actually is pretty slick but you know.

If you aren’t patient enough to kind of figure that it’ll drive you a little crazy yeah sight note press the remote buttons really hard and also side note if you’re the kind of person who puts this on the arm of the couch and cokes you have to pick it up for.

It to work really well it basically I think to save batteries it just shuts down but when you pick it up you can press buttons well you can press buttons when it’s actually kind of cool to sitting there it just doesn’t do it yeah but you pick it up it works little things I gotta say overall I like it it is a.

Massive upgrade to the original Cabo in terms of usability and not just because it adds HDR and Atmos yes you know there’s.


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