Hi there today I’m going to be showing you some hidden features in the Google home so I’ve had the Google home for a good few months now been having to play around with it and I’ve come across a good few features that are thought to be worth showing so I’ve got a list of 20 items I want to.

Show first one let’s go for an option to find your phone if you lost it or misplaced it in your house or anywhere else so you can just say ok Google find my phone I found a few phones the first listed is a SMG 9 3 Oh F should I.

Ring it yes alright your phone should be William now there you go ringing find my phone was on there pretty cool feature very useful to have obviously your data has to be on on your device for it to work so quite good to know another option is the broadcast option on this so if you had a few of these in your house and for instance you want to broadcast the message.

To everyone in your house you can just say something like ok Google broadcast lunch is ready ok broadcasting now time for lunch enjoy.

Pretty cool pretty useful as well ok so as well it’s been able to say hey Google or ok Google you can.

Oh yeah how can I be of service you can also say ok boo boo or okay noodle or even ok googoo Roger dad ok another command I found is ok Google is your data checked by the mi5 no government entity has direct access to our users information respect for the.
Privacy and security of your data underpins our approach to responding to.

Any legal requests we might get you can learn more in Google’s transparency report excellent so we’ve everything going on with Facebook that’s good to know okay another one is converting currency so you.

Can say to it okay Google convert 100 euros to dollars 100 euros is approximately 123 United States Dollars and 16 cents excellent okay so another option you have is.

Letting Google help you relax so you can actually say to it okay Google helped me relax playing relaxation sounds so what it does you actually play some white noise.

So as well as bad you can actually pick other sounds as well so you could say.

Google play fireplace sounds here’s the sound of a fireplace okay play nature sounds playing nature sounds there you go okay another thing we’ve attempted to ask it is okay thinking right now you’re thinking about the peacock mantis shrimp and if you weren’t before you are now okay Google I am.

Your father I’m sorry I’m not Luke this is kind of awkward okay did you fall I don’t smell anything okay Google are you Skynet no way I like people Skynet hates people I rest my case okay Google set phasers to kill my face is a permanently set to.

Peace mode captain okay so another cool feature is its ability to make a phone call so let’s try that out okay bonk extreme calling geek Street mobile he’s the mobile and we ringing in a second okay and cool simple as.

That another good feature of this is to be able to add to a shopping list so you could say okay google add eggs to the shopping list alright I’ve added eggs to your shopping list.

List my shopping list there are four items on your shopping list eggs milk water and plants excellent okay another option is to actually play live radio.


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