Hello today we’re going to talk about new functionality in safe room which is called one time password right now when you work with safe room you work only with one password this is a master password that is used to encrypt and decrypt you not one time password functionality allows you to specify a separate standalone one time password per.

Node if you don’t want to use your master password for some specific nodes you can use one time password for that which will be different from the master password let me demonstrate this functionality on the example here I.

Have the safe room window let’s go to Evernote let’s move this note to our encrypt inbox and let’s encrypt it using.

Without clicking the checkbox use one time password this note will be encrypted using a standard password okay the errors of PDF import that you have seen are correct because as we mentioned before when the PDF is encrypted evernote cannot understand it and that’s why it cannot index that is just same as okay I.

PDF but I don’t know how to mimic that which is correct because it is encrypted PDF now this is our new note let’s move it to directly to a decrypt inbox and run the decryption once again okay now this is my not already decreed now let’s remove it and make the same operation but this time I’m going.

To encrypt the node using a different password ok I have just selected the one-time password it means that I will use a password which is different from a master one and let’s.

Run now the system asks you to specify this temporary or one-time password let’s specify test 1234 okay now I’ll node is encrypted we are getting the same PDF recognition errors which is fine right and here we have our encrypted not now let’s move it to a decrypt inbox so we.

Can test directly the decryption ok here yeah and this is the our newly with the new password now i’m going to click they use.
One ties password option and that.

Means that right now the system will try to decrypt this note using my master password let’s see see how it goes as you can see there isn’t decryption air and decryption error will tell us h mock mismatch it means that the password that it was used for encryption is not the same that i tried to use for decryption it is a correct behavior because i use.
A different one now let me try.

Once again but this time telling exactly which one i use test 1234 ok and now it works using one-time password functionality you can.

Encrypt notes and share them with other people without exposing your master password remember master password is only for you so you can protect only your notes do not share your master password with anybody the one time password functionality exactly tries to solve the problem with share and in the next video we.

Will show you how to share encrypted nodes and encrypted notebooks between different users.


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