Good afternoon everyone is JT Eppolito for sync media network we’re here it black hat 2018 the biggest security conference in the United States we’re going to be looking for leading-edge products there’s black doctor Blackduck around the world say hello why Thank You Black Duck t-shirts thank you though appreciate it always fun to get socks and t-shirts so let.

Us know what you want to cover we’re always looking for bleeding edge tech my main focus today for covering this event is finding out what they’re doing in artificial intelligence AI and also with cloud and to see if anybody’s using.

Watson so we’re gonna do a bunch of short videos I’ll let you know what we come up with I’ll be posting them on our YouTube page sync sy NC Media Network everything from edge-to-edge security there’s even net scout every security company wants.

To have best name dark trust shark meter I’m lying hence threat hunting of course everybody’s got the in the city and on their cell towers that they used to everything out of all breaches stop here you know these nerd conventions are the ones where.

The lines are the longest for t-shirts they’ll wait in line for 5 hours for a t-shirt stiffing backpacks Sisco say black all right we’re gonna walk around and find out some more interesting things we’ll.

Be back in a couple of minutes make sure you stay tuned like follow and share the sync Media Network hit a little bell on YouTube will let you know when we firstly live back in the studio.


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