Hey how’s it gone Dave TD here today’s video is about gaming phones and whether or not you should get one because every company’s approach to their gaming foam is a little bit different and in front of me are three gaming phones the razor phone – the ROG phone from Asus as well as shammies black shark – all three.

Of these phones came out in the fall of this year they’re all kind of like the new gaming phone in town if.

You’re interested in getting a gaming phone one of these is probably on your radar there are other companies lesser-known companies that make gaming phones but if you’re gonna pick one I recommend looking at one of these three so we’re gonna go through these phones and talk about things I like about them things I don’t like about them as well as whether or not you should get a gaming phone at all so first up.

The specs on these phones are different but the SOC is the same they’re all running the snapdragon 845 so powerful hardware with big screens but they’re also heavy and not super cheap the cheapest one here is one from Xiaomi but it’s still.

Gonna be like 550 600 dollars now the thing that separates the premium phones here are their screens they’re running faster screens and that was originally the real.
Differentiating factor for a gaming phone like originally.

Last year when gaming phones came out they were the high refresh screens and the benefit of a high refresh screen is actually quite difficult to convey in a video especially one being shot at 24 frames per second if you see them in real life they look very smooth and when.

He’s picked up a razor phone and played with that 120 Hertz screen notices it right away if you’re wandering the 120 Hertz screen on the razor phone does look a bit smoother than the 90 Hertz on the ACS phone but not every game supports a high refresh screen there’s a lot of popular games out there that are capped at 60 or even 30 frames per.

Second the brightest screen of this bunch is the asus rog phone it’s an AMOLED display looks really clean really bright and it’s noticeably brighter than the screen on the razor phone – now this is an improved screen last year the razor phone one had a notice lead em screen it’s brighter this year but it’s still not as bright as I’d want it to be the other thing is that the razor phone.
To screen is once again certified for.

Netflix HD our thing is it’s not as awesome as it may seem.

Netflix HDR content looks really dim on the razor phone to screen especially if you in a brightly lit environment the visual detail from this HDR mode is better for sure like I can see the details in the bright air is much clearer on the Rays of but the overall image is really dark like you need a really bright screen to take advantage of HDR content that’s just.

The nature of HDR and the razor phone doesn’t have a super bright screen.

The asus screen is brighter and although it’s not HDR certified I think most people would prefer the image on that phone over the razor phone even if some of the light detail.

Is blown out or crushed on that phone just because it’s a brighter screen to look at the black shark to screen feels more generic to me it’s a regular 60 Hertz panel but it still.


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