Hello everybody welcome to the Indy soft webinar covering security and LDAP my name is Scott quartier I’m Senior Technical Sales with nd sauce that member your host today thank you for joining everybody really appreciate it Melinda thank you for the AV check appreciate that I again I’d like to welcome everybody to this webinar this is going to be.
What I think is a good webinar hit a lot of good questions.

Come in this morning on the morning one some logistics number one on this type of webinar I cannot hear you so if.

You have questions put those into the chat panel or the Q&A panel I’ll try to get to those during the presentation but if not at the end there is a Q&A section again at the end also we do record these webinars post this up on the website usually in a few days doesn’t happen immediately have already had requests to in addition to the webinar to post the slide deck.

As well we’ll take care of that for you let’s see also we follow this up with a survey three things in the survey of course with.

Survey let us know how we did today let us know if there’s any other within our topics that you’d like to hear about that’s where this one actually came from we got several requests in our year-end survey to do a little bit more in depth.

About LDAP and if you didn’t know we actually have over 150 webinar recordings up on the website so if you go to our website here’s the BND soft calm homepage you go to support video library webinars you’re going to find that there’s over 150 recordings log here in chronological.

Order but then over here on the right hand side they’re broken up into categories so you can see that we’ve actually done several nine different webinars on security either features of Indy soft or co-hosted with other guests that’s another part of the survey let us know if you’re interested in co-hosting a webinar with us we’d love to have you on and get real-world.

Insight on on how you’ve used it off to solve your problems or if you’re an industry leader let us know about that too the other thing in the survey give us your shirt shirt size.

And we will send you a free t-shirt just for joining us show you our appreciation so with that let’s go ahead and start to get in here again if you have questions put those into the chat panel or the Q&A panel and I’ll answer those what am I going to cover a real brief in be soft overview I recognize that many of you.

Might be actually attending this webinar because your company is using and you softened and you’re in the IT group if.

Understand a little bit more about that end of it maybe you don’t know anything about induce off so I’m going to do a to slide overview on just what the heck.

Product is and then we’ll give a covering overview of the security system within India soft web studio from a high level because we’ve already covered that as you can see in.

In several other webinars and our training videos things of that nature but that’s going to be more a lead-in to talking about LDAP and Active.

Directory and why are they why do you need them how do you use them and configuration options okay so before that’s kind of a disclaimer this.


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