Hello guys I am here with an exciting news for Samsung levels that is the spreadsheet of the Samsung Galaxy S Pen models it’s leaked online so let us take a look at those Samson has had a base level of 64gb of storage on his flagship force fist of the samsung galaxy note 7 in 2016 and every other top.

And phone since then followed it until the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which came with the minimum of 128gb the.

Samsung S 10 range looks likely to follow the same thanks to spirit stories are played confirmed for upcoming Samsung phones a newer and fosters daughter technology called ufs 3.0 is set to D but in early 2094 samsung devices according to the company’s head of mobile memory product speaking at Alton’s 40 of heidi summit in hong kong Samsung Galaxy S 10 X model shows up in the specs lake reveals FISA modem along with the whooping tlgb of.

Frank the various reports and rumors floating online are a bit overwhelming the phone is expected to come with an on-screen display and instant.

Fingerprint sensor and maybe.

An under display camera although the seems too far from the truth now according to the information gleaned from an analyst report the galaxy Eston will have up to 12 GB of RAM according to a memo coming from GF Security’s most 2019 flashes will come with a considerable amount of time there would be reportedly before galaxy s turn lanes including a FISA model namely galaxy Eston Anniston plus s turn.
X and xsin x phi g according to a table shown in the memo.

The galaxy s turn X Phi G variant will have 2 l gb of ram while the samsung s turn X will come with 8 GB of RAM the same table also shows that the Hawaii 30 will also have 2 L GB of RAM.
The entry-level Samsung Galaxy S 10 may come with.

Just 4 GB offer and galaxy s 10 plus my ship with 6 GB.

Of memory kayo me recently announced the me mix 3/4 density special edition which will have 10.

GB of RAM but it seems unlikely that Samsung will actually put 12 GB of RAM inside the Galaxy S tech for starters the company just introduced 8.

GB of RAM with vaccine opening and it is out of kilter for it to increase the RAM disk you click more over to l gb of ram would be pretty useless and it would also drive up the cost of all today expensive for as for now we don’t.

Know the actual pricing of these models I am waiting to know.

Further more details of galaxy s3 if you want to know more info as like me then click the thumbs up button below thank you for watching and I will see you in the next video very soon bye bye you.


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