Well it’s good YouTube is Shibui in front of vlog man I’ve been waiting the vlog for a minute but yeah today we got some plans going on we finna hopefully go meet like from the video no damn Hey no babe we got to leave background you will get too serious you’ll get no hose we all shoes we don’t.

Have a better shoe show me in three ways shoot what females Oh use super say female first one a tree y’all not even promised tree first one of two I promise y’all not.

Even taking nodoz yeah definitely not taking three does it count.

It count number of snapchat maybe that’s best life that’s like knowing an overt purse gonna have a finesse battle where you say you’re not going also you know babies on my shit together I mean obviously nobody huh huh you got to get somebody else to play with.
You bro no ago first I’m not playing with you no no no go.

Bro if you see a bathroom in a challenger all right but I’m not about to go to a beer on blood it’s like no no I’m gonna be right there y’all not gonna do it that’s the whole point you go for this other people nigga of all by yourself give me and mikanos true fans like this recording for okay no we yeah you can’t go to school San Chile Bobby that’s cold.
Don’t choke this shit out there then he gonna fit you.

Gonna throw that that girlie I know like cool ticket you hold on know what the one bad news no just dam up.

Way Buddha sitting awful one in this home yeah you got some work for all you guys that’s watching you can’t B’s get is weird but you got it well all you gonna fit that’s watching you think I’m cute a lottery reveals hit him up.

You make a single straight up make a singer a big boat that’s his name why does not Chelsea’s bro is hot man I’m not loose tonight yeah but which I’m going.

Away 125 120 very very young for that hello let me window I think another hey do you think we’re gonna if you swing.
You you got a split heat you put it in folks Oh.

Y’all got more you split it do you split the beer way in the hole so good I mean but you gotta think about it if amateurs win that’s good for them yeah it was good little bit change in the foot he’ll get it touchdown in it but look up asking we fought a pig yup they lost soda pop I’m gonna feel right here you know I might try to sneak on steel yeah you know.

You know like what’s that what’s that uncle and they just they sneak into everyone I think he.

Driving alone that way hey I’m bother justice jumped I told you okay jump gonna go take my entity I know how did you like the game good good you know Dow missile represent no diet still Manville representing yeah we’ll say some simple chance they played it.

In funny but saw it showed it is a local football team Manville yeah you are the top he was.

Out there gotta get you with the go thank you Mike Mike – did you go out to that to play moment take it yeah no doubt Sam wood is going oh hey the game starting boy how you doing no doubt no.

Doubt what’s up what’s up what’s up with the game yes sir yes sir gaudí yeah we watch are getting a.

Bag about trying to get trying to get in a locker room you know.

Blood type shit she trying to rap rapping rapping look would you believe I had to tell him that that Seneca walls in my uncle cuz we both fly scam and they let me through bro I didn’t how didn’t we just get back here what this is if when you see the footage of how light I snuck around this door OH oh my god our so still yeah are.

You ready same thickness we broke down we got all the autographs this is whoa that’s crazy yeah yeah I feel good it was a great day oh you know Sam I put in a blog on this note no saying I had one get all the stuff with a book it also stopped off one at the Duke girl snug snug down here Teddy’s gonna mark it’s late we got autographs on the thing make sure you got.

On the video subscribe for more I see.

Up next gun saying I’m done playing last time it’s on an outro stuck in the house need to get out more I’ve been stacking us like a clump razors most people in my position get companies.


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