Right I think that we can start so hello everyone we will be talking about enabling Zephyr on your harder platform anyone here has experience with Zephyr development well good audience what about adding new hardware supporting Zephyr mooring of course okay so I am Diego swear I am embedded Linux platform engineer at superior in UK they are in Cambridge.

And I am the CEO of embark a dos which means embedded it is a website where we publish articles about embedded systems development in Portuguese so let’s see our agenda for today so how we are gonna see how harder is how is the hardware support implementation in Zephyr.

How we can add a new whole a hardware abstraction layer how do we add a new SOC adding new drivers aboard some debugging tips and our hardware support checklists depending on what you wanted to add I will give you a checklist and how do you contribute to mainline please feel free to interrupt me to make questions I’ll try to make this presentation in 30 minutes and if you want we can.

Have a QA session in the end so let’s see how it goes and but if we don’t have time I am totally I am glad that you address any questions that you have or flight ok so before we begin just a few words this is not an introduction to suffer for these I think we already had some presentations here about Zephyr but you can find a lot of documentation and other presentations online the reason Tatian is very dense he had to shrink it a lot.

But I still think that it’s very dense we will not cover every slide in detail because the idea is to give you a heifers to help when you decide to add a new harder platform you can have a good slides as reference some guides – for example like what kind of source files.

You need to look to add support for your new harbor the source code examples are based on the master branch on these a specific comet and when I finished this presentation right before the version 113.

And then one day in the week.

After the version 113 a lot of things changed some pathways so I spend a lot of hours updating the presentation and when I was looking to the Zephyr source code last week I saw that I had another alter dated information but that’s okay I will point to you out of what is alter dated but maybe when you actually go to add the support for your hardware some of this information can be altered ated okay.

Some source code that I will show here will be strip it just to fit on the screen and give you the main idea what do we have on this source code all the examples are based on the Zephyr running on the arm cortex m4 core inside the imx7 processor so this processor has cortex a7 and a cortex m4 so I personally work it on porting Zephyr to run on the cortex m4 inside of this processor and this presentation will not cover all the hardware aspects that.

We have on zephyr like adding a new CPU core and this is effectually were very well documented in the Zephyr website so let’s start with the hardware support implementation in Zephyr in this diagram we represent from bottom to top the hardware configuration here are key so we have the architecture CPU core the SOC family the SOC series.

The SOC itself our drivers and the board that can be our.


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