This video demonstrate how to assign appropriate roles directions online users for discovering and monitoring fictions online using the admin user for actions online module if we’re running Discovery Exchange Online the user account must be configured with the security manager and must be assigned with the following goals any one of the customized administrator roles of office 365 and membership.

In the exchange fee only organization management in this video we will see how to assign the source to an exchange online Musil let us assume that exchange online user user one will discover and monitor the exchange.

Resources so let us see how to configure user one in the admin if of security manager in the half minister security manager specify the following in the label field type exchange online in the sublevel field type your exchange online domain in value 1 type username in value to type the password for the user and keep the ferry 3 plank for more information refer to our online documentation now let us assign the appropriate rows to the user 1 these tools can be assigned by.

An office to justify the administrator only let me login in office 365 portal as an administrator now go to admin Center go to users and active users here you can see the list of users in the domain let me search either one and select user one so that I can assign throws in the roles go to edit.

And select customized administrator now let me select service administrator which is recommended for.

This purpose and save the loan close this window now let us go to the exchange admin Center in this.

Permissions double click view only organization management now in this let me add the user one as a member so you can see that user one is a member of you only.

Organization management after you assign the rows to the user one you are now ready to run the discovery exchange online knowledge screen now let me go to the operator console and drop the discovery exchange online on a script or the agent.

In Fitz take chains online model is installed in the value step let me specify the chains on like Dom in to monitor now you can see this discovery job is running and the job.

Is now complete and it stopped now let us view the event message for this so here you.

The message that the discovery is successful this concludes the video thanks for watching for more information on this model refer our online documentation.


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