And it looks like we’re joined by our next guest well you know if not stop going all right remember you can always donate Bitcoin in the corner of the screen down there for Tali Cohen it’ll make a little sound if you donate too much Bitcoin it’ll make too many sounds so please don’t donate too much that what’s up.
So we’re joined by Paul and I know we talked.

To you last year about CRISPR and gene editing technology we had a little chat so what are you up to this year same kind of thing or actually either way actually.

This year I’m talking about what happens essentially if we win so in other words if our decentralized economy spreads and grows and spreads and grows and spreads and grows.

What happens to the rest of the world I mean if we get enough the world changes over to our models so what happens if that happens what happens to the people.

The people who are sick and the people who you know are whatever blind or deaf or whatever and how are how do they survive in our world that we would like to create I know we often plan for losses and we plan for what happens if.

We lose but I think it’s just as good as you’re saying to have a plan for just in case we win and I know I’m excited to say no more printing money for war but on the other side I kind of realized no more printing money.
For disaster relief if Bruce Springsteen has a telethon and people.

Don’t donate well we’re not going to help those people from the flood whereas before we could just print.

That money and help them anyway is it someone along that lines yes somewhat and it’s it’s in the end it’s really not a problem we can do this really well and we can do it a whole lot better than the system as it is now just.

For wanting one example sir taking us numbers which are easy for me the social safety net States they are spending 2.

7 trillion dollars a year that is an unbelievable missile occasion of.

That amount of money you could not only feed every person in the United States plus plus give them all healthcare plus build 8 million houses a year for my money that they spend already is it just bureaucracy eating it up or what what is a proceeding enough you know all sorts of all.

Sorts of things it ends up in you know pools in the backyard of some you know government employees let’s meet to have a pool I can’t argue about that one yeah you know crazy stuff and.

It’s you know complicated of course and hard to see of course but that’s how much money they spend that they’re not arguable and it’s enough to do all those things so how can.

We change that with Bitcoin and other things how can we be accountable to where we have a decentralized economy where there’s no boss in the middle who controls everything and says we will do it this way and you may not do it differently that’s a big thing and then the other part of is we we get to keep our own money yeah now you know how much how much how well could you take care of Grandma and Grandpa.

If you doubled your income pretty well and that was the condition in a lot of places a hundred and ten years ago there was no social.


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