Try to think of like how to sit my girl looks stupid like I go there alright let’s do this boys alright what’s up guys its power man welcome back to another video we got some people that you may or may not recognize not all of them have shown their faces before publicly if you have you might have seen.
Them in the pub G mobile app collecting the votes.

But not as many as some other people out there just saying but yeah we’re going to be introducing some of the lights out guys not all of the folks are here in LA or Long Beach shout outs to those that couldn’t make it wish.

You were here but that being said who knows which one of these dudes is which y’all have any guesses sweet alright so first and foremost in the front left I guess.

Would be that guy give it a little wet giveaway we also got Ritchie got Rolex you guys seen him before.

Where’s the class man we got juicy as well we got my man Grimes in front of me we got a hot guy who’s filling in this tournament four legs up my guess is it lights.

Up ticking this dude I’m so confused with all of our team names we’ll get to that here in a minute and we’ve also got some guerrilla just there as well 14 lights out all right so that being said guys we’re going to be doing a little bit of a Q&A this episode giving you guys a chance to meet us learn a little bit about us and get some behind-the-scenes footage here actually tell you guys earlier if you’re.

On Twitter definitely go do that and follow all these guys as well I’ll try to link their twitters and social media scheme at the description below that being said though guys I tweeted after you asked for some questions.

And you guys gave me a crapload of them to work with so we’re gonna get into that right now all right so our.

First question comes from the pub t-mobile official account itself shoutouts to puffy thank you for making a cool game what are your predictions for the world final of the star challenge now they’re copying a world final not just this tournament world final any top three to five teams that would be you’d be betting.

On as of right now egos when you vote memory card oh they eat from Asia yeah Evo Evo he boasts up there they they absolutely destroyed and then and they want every game from Europe they’re gonna make it who is.

That guys yeah Harris team from Europe yeah I’m a guy Europe dude you say that’s a good point they dominated the Fiji so we got those guys or team.

Gates Rolex or or that guy yeah they’re definitely up there genius for sure yeah they’re good the home team lights out so it’s a captain off a row from Europe got Evo I believe from Asia what about any.

Of the other senior those teams oh I haven’t watched them all yet I’ve seen some that look pretty good but uh definitely gonna keep our eye on that we’ll do some scouting if any of us are lucky enough to make it out.

Of this stage so hopefully tune in this weekend if we are gonna actually do that we’ll see alright from our beloved community manager deep offering he asked you guys were to pick only one.

Weapon to use for the entire star challenge and nothing else no attachments no equipment no nothing what would you guys choose and 400 for anybody not important in 249 because it doesn’t really need oh just need to read that but you don’t get but recoil like after like 200 centimeters it was barely in here but it said.

The same recall pet okay but not me club but the the drop right this is a them so we have overwhelmingly the m4 I think I would probably say the m4 if it’s a angle or ergo or harmony say.

That nah man what am i attachments but with no attachments are qbz as well it for plants em that’s just my customs and I thought in their opinion what do you think sex you like this give me if you don’t get UMP.
I was thinking as well if you don’t need attachments on the it is.

Really stable I mean lazy people the probably the m4 is the recoil of note when ever since loyal like the bounce most recent fact for sure I’ve noticed that.

Without attachments I have suffered wasn’t raining in for whereas before it didn’t matter what you had that same piece of laser though regardless I used to incent Hawk with the Forex the vertical grip at a comp and I lace it to do from 200 meters away dang camera.

Can be shot I can do that with 3x out for X or X is crazy I’ve learned how to use it so be following up from our other community manager Cheney nominee thank you for the question he says what is absolutely the most important weapon or item that will be used during gameplay importance monks you don’t get one we’re gonna go around we’re gonna go around the the room on this.

One Jim Pritchard thank you for the question then he said I was just the first time meeting each.

Other in person yes we don’t think aside from Rolex and Richie you guys.

Did one you didn’t promise on right yeah no random eatos yeah resume right but you guys didn’t met once before this in person other than that I think all of us is our first time meeting each other no life’s been awesome that.

This question from Jim says if so what’s the most surprising first impression about your teammates so juicy you got some giggles gonna be there my.

First impression was when we came me and that guy went to there but why I can tell you I seen that guy not just like okay that guy we’re gonna get our you know a low cap thing and they came down the escalator and they see the sign that.

Says kept on and it’s my real name so we were like I was like oh Ken that’s my name.

That that guy was so excited on that I around he’s like okay that’s your name right yeah yeah let’s go and then we went and took this random car right beautiful Lincoln Continental beautiful walked in normal dialer shows your AC goes inside 45 minutes through down the highway going down this random we.

Realize we’re just talking having fun everybody on stream all sudden he’s like asking me questions and he’s like you’re not the real Kent and I’m just like I am.
The real Kent that’s my name and that guy’s just like that’s name is in.

Scat and then the guys just like bro you’re not the real Kevin just said bro what do we do and.

Get intense yeah you got a call right from his boss I think not your real ride $75 $75 so he ain’t gets dropped off the road yep so we only get lost in central cuz I’m.

You know we don’t do good sound it’s not a real like that mm-hmm what about you they got first impression for teammates of the whole yeah can you stand out surprise.

I think everybody kind of fits as the same is we do in game you know as far as how we talk to each other.

And how we joke with each other I feel like it’s the same chemistry as we are in game so it’s a it was just kind of surprising you know you don’t always have that when you meet a group you know so Sharon’s it’s kind of awkward at first I don’t feel any awkwardness whatsoever and do not all.

Like cuddling up on the make no strangers Rolex no you Manning surprised probably juicy thanks without you man you just got here today but what’s your first impression my grimes like I was going off the elevator and like he was he was coming.

To Nell there so like walk out a little bit he says something that way Grimes and he’s like sorry just start screaming so you didn’t recognize him like no he’s.

A period boys what do you think starts today we come home like this is my garage my first impressions you surprised it Juicy’s.

How short it is all right I’ll go next my first my big surprise is when I saw Grimes with the hat on I think bigger it would be this this time here I figured be the cowboy.

Hat you know oh yeah no I’m saying so yeah that was my Vegas surprise hot guy man what about you honestly that was another one of my surprises house was so especially since you’re a young man still you got some grown-up people my whole team in general as we started like just getting our chemistry together to lead you see success and all the.

Other boys I’ve always like been keeping up with lights up.

Streams and then and whatnot and obviously putting these faces to the voices that’s better very surprised reaching what are you guys oh just how handsome everybody that actually brings up another question how is Rolex so handsome same with you PB and juicy and that guy you guys are all devilishly handsome that one was from little.

CeeLo Canadian thank you we kind of just touched on that we’re gonna do the boy band thing go multi-platinum so forget about us in the funky pro scene because we’re all gonna get rich and retire offer me another question here from Aman Aman asani says which device do they used to play funky on so Adam when you’re playing and we’re not rocking the Samsungs that were provided here what do you play that guys are off iPad five six look at f-16s it’s great 7 iPhone tennis match for me.

All right so Richie the grand finale I want you to hold up your.

TV look at this thing it’s a so literally just Richie’s device can hold six or seven of our devices that’s Opie do so yeah get that twelve point one nine right next up from the king go around the.

Room on this one the King underscore brh ask what do you guys think about power day yeah he’s awesome.

What a cop-out you know no just try to you know get some heart man you know honestly I didn’t know what to expect meeting in person what I mean I was actually thoroughly surprised with just how well we still mesh cuz in-game I feel like honestly you and I have such a similar gameplay that I feel like as a duos like you’re probably my favorite do partners I feel like when we just meeting you in person.

Same way I love you I feel like such a douche asking this question now well I well I didn’t ask it but like I I don’t know I just thank you for the next word I’m gonna cut some of this because don’t cut it I mean honestly I mean I I feel like as a as a leader you’re awesome for lights out you know without you lights out wouldn’t be what it is now and you know a meeting in person has been awesome truly awesome thanks man you know fish a Richie.

Ain’t talking mess about me I mean like when I first started playing with you I was like always that person night a lot here’s the car 98 PV I.

Know you love it that much right you’re more of it being Marga yeah yeah but like but now it’s just like.

I’ll chill you’re so down there it’s so awesome appreciate it oh yeah yeah like when everybody flies.

With me for the first time it’s like they like loot for me and I just kind of hang out the corner they’ll bring their stuff into the robbery I’m like no it’s all get rolling who are you man that’s pretty.

Much the exact same thing these uh super chills super kind always helpful and caring can somebody say something bad please these terrible Secours news I know you got something wrong for me run along you’re just a great person because you’ve provided us with like uniforms and everything like that to work on.

Our social medias and they ain’t no we wouldn’t be a mistake this time out always do in the description below same with all these guys willing to all my.

Social medias and stuff do you see a ground.

Like they said you’re really really kind and like you wouldn’t be here without you a serious A’s team this organization is it’s incredible like what we’re building here in.

The last thing I am once I’m excited yeah I’m like it’s nothing but that for me to say something about like all you guys you’re all here.

For a reason you know like I love each and every one of you I think all you guys bring something to the table and I’m.

Excited to continue to like basically introduce you and what.

Makes each of you special to your safi asad face to the people watching and I think a lot of those folks will love to get to know you and your stories enough about me though like I don’t want this video to be about me.

At all but just reading the questions thank you uh who was that king no it’s all good no more no about me I got a good one from brick she wants to know if I rolled she is forever always supported to the Czech Vegas or to the Java royalty alright question for the group from.

I can’t read that name but I’m gonna try dang it agghhhh agghhhhh damn bag man oh yes Molotov vs frag grenades we bollocks the bar all right then put it.

Yeah there click release and make this soon as you get it up in the window or whatever you have to do it boy come on I wanted you to give me an emphatic reason right now at 6 list you had the first Molotov why.


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