My guest today received a degree in business management from Pepperdine University LeeAnn Bell is an IT project manager for 15 years which also included handling multiple information security projects today she is president of her own company smarty heads and has designed a product which is a smart and safe solution for the worldwide issue of having to remember too.

Many passwords Leanne’s product passwords fast has been featured on The Today Show QVC Home Shopping Network and.

Most recently the evine Home Shopping Network we yeah what keeps you up at night the thing that keeps me.

Night our weak passwords so many people have weak passwords or they have the same password for everything or worse yet I’ve seen so many people they write their passwords down and carry me around on pieces of paper very unsafe this first came to my attention I was an IT project manager working for a big corporation we had an ethical hacker come in and that ethical hacker got 95% of the company’s passwords including the CFO including the.

CFO it was a real you know a iOpener to realize how unsafe and unsecure and weak passwords were that most people have their.

Passwords very weak so what they did was they said okay don’t write your passwords down make them really strong eight to 10 characters upper lower case the special characters and then on top of that.

You don’t change them every three months well really Stickley nobody is gonna remember you know if you only had one password to remember maybe but everybody’s now got multiple passwords and not only in business but now in personal life and so if that’s why most people have the average person has weak passwords because nobody is ever going.

To remember a million passwords like that and and strong especially if the passwords that you don’t use maybe so often maybe you have a password that you haven’t used in three months or a year or even a password that you use daily everybody’s had the you know the.

Brain blip where you might actually accidentally forget it and then you know you have.

Call your IT department or you get frustrated and nobody wants to use the forgot password so even myself after.

That happened I I was writing down all my passwords on sticky notes and I had them everywhere and I.

Knew you weren’t supposed to and then sometimes I would lose them I couldn’t find them it was frustrating and everybody.

Around me was having the same problem so I was thinking.

There’s got to be a way that I could have my passwords all in one place where I would just have to remember one simple password to access all my other passwords but the biggest thing for me is I wanted it offline in my mind I thought I wanted something that was a secure sticky note something an average person would use now.

I know that there are password managers I have a lot of people say well there’s password managers well a lot of those aren’t.

Free and the the problem is is that’s all connected to the internet and if you.

Look in the last two years a lot of the top password managers have had security vulnerabilities they’ve had problems there was a top one that has been hacked into twice so I didn’t want that and plus I didn’t want to pay for.


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