This guy’s pixel tree is here to prove that you don’t need more than a single real camera to take the best photos Google software magic continues to impress and the new night side mode which lets you take low-light photos without needing a flash is a game changer so to be clear Nightside hasn’t actually officially rolled out yet Google.

Announced the feature during the made by Google event but said that it would.

Roll out for the Google pixel tree and other pixel devices sometimes next month but the latest version of the Google camera app which rolled out the users earlier today has a fully functional Nightside built-in camera feature so guys right now this feature is absolutely working fine on pixel devices I’m using the pixel to excel right now and believe me this feature is just game-changer I.

Will show you some samples later on this video but how to get this camera app in your Google pixel devices I will pull the link in the description box below so you just need to download and install this camera app you don’t need any kind of settings just install the apk and accept all the permissions now you are good to go here are different modes.

Like panorama portrait simple video and simple pictures at the end you will see a more option click on that.

Is the option called night mode so here are different samples which I took using the built-in camera app in the pixel to excel versus this camera app.

With the night mode so how to get the pixel three Nightside and live google lens feature on Android smartphones running Android Pi if you’re not running the Android Pi which is the latest version of Android you can also try this apk I hope it will work on mostly and right or your based smartphones.

So in my description box you will find a bibim comm link just go to that link and download the apk file for your smartphone you just download and install the apk file after installing the app will ask permission to your camera microphone and more grant these permissions for the app to work after installing open the camera app in the.

Camera view finder tab on the more button to get access to the pixel trees exclusive feature such as photo boat nightlight and live lens just to confirm that the feature is working properly here it’s a green chart Google live lens feature in action as you.

Can see that the live lens was able to identify and extract contact information from the card and guys I’m not sure that it will work fine on your smartphones because I haven’t checked.

It yet but you can try it there are maximum chances that it will work fine on your smartphone so guys what’s your thoughts on this and if you find this.

Then make sure to hit the subscribe button for the next video having said that thanks for watching I’ll catch you in the next.


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