Show me and I love enough see the fence and I’ll be talking them only fucking never cuff enough competition here because I need my bitch bitch now that was my deal so was it all in this weekend when I got sent a photo of this pass last one carry the flag we could have done this fun without you.
I do I bring up a Barry humming over Jamie in Manchester and see if.

He’s gay mama can he use a lift to the.

Station I’ll go to the buffness now if you haven’t already knows Jamie looks like famous actor Russell Toby so he’s wave was simple.

Fuck off all I needed to do was make the passes on the plane head straight south bank and meet Jamie in London along comes the first issue one finger is a loving literally just this set go home all shops closed because it’s a Sunday but.

I’ve got my escape on the case it’s going to a printer shop in a minute it’s nothing to get all.

This with a photo of his face on there – it’s not gonna happen we got less than an hour before the buff to start hurry his managed to find.

A printing shop open in the centre heaven till night he’s got no printer paper so I’ve got printing paper 15 fantastic Islam there and some Lima issues in the back yeah I don’t.

Think I’m gonna make it tasting about our tickets we’re hurry he is really asleep us are gonna take another.

Hour that’s right that’s right push the back don’t matter sleeves one’s gonna be like this in the shops to night enjoy watching skies it was maybe Russell Russell Tovey don’t carry dreams it I’ll go by disguise pot in sunglasses shall smell nice and muscle Tobin and I’m an intern at gonna Dustin’s intern actually.

I don’t know Victor if we get in on that one man at this point nice it was keen to.

Get in and prove himself so me and J we did what any good mates would do got a pine I’m waiting for him to say but first here the use nightscape as a decoy lastly the first.

Rule of being a dealer he’s sending forward the human shield so you Tim first layer I keep down man he’s gonna go he’s got our whole live up days is going round the back it’s not nicked.

Not next I went up and said to him mhm of the main entrances and you just showed me the main influence water with matron says they are the main actor visit he didn’t.

He didn’t deny me by like he went to look at my father’s a wild landscape is trying the bottom entrance slide base up somewhere will is he finished his pine takes five minutes none of the NRI night escapes in scope desert opal I.

Brought me but inside no fee by my bears not paint the outside like a fair happy go stress how my hair patchy fell out man will stand up push crack for the whole ends I was looking for my sword and I was taking from a moment Roger it’s kind of sketchy in the middle because.

The people that are in there and they’re all.

Home dinner so the part isn’t really started but I couldn’t find.

Focus caught take faith for me but I told my girl can you please pray for me I was really crazy like if I don’t make it but you stay with me nothing was the same for me for the fuck would I did with this lame degree head low trying to be the.

Best though when you see me working up a test go huh our mind that’s right on the ground that’s right can check catch your flight outside that’s right shit that’s right Oh seven nine that’s all right switch it up call me Mike so much black was black what’s the time there was a voice in the back of my head that.

Said to me if you don’t go you’re gonna miss out it was so close to stay over doing the video but yes I know the only.

Reason I just Shawn no bono got back bitch give me prayed in the quarry who needs roof top so on i speaking so this is where the video gets ridiculous so at this point all.

The bars were closing and everyone there was looking for one last drink sneaking into places bitch the guy said so Jamie absolutely bailing the pits for a TV series we decided to move on and Damian spied MC bride just to similar team so far the night was going.

Pretty well we’d shown Knights gave you exactly what it was like to get into a high-profile event but it wouldn’t be a nice game carburation if we didn’t have to hit a rooftop.

As well now me and Jamie accidentally made a rooftop a video after the bridge south to buy Oh first now that was an ideal Isaac people died is the.

Video without a doubt one of the finest things I’m never going to a lot of you asked it means do another video of a nice games there’s a lot of time that happened as well now if you did enjoy the video make sure to give it a thumbs.

Up comment it house more than you think make sure you check out the fight escapes version of the video I’m gonna link it below it’s gonna be completely different for all areas check out Jamie’s Instagram check out my eyes down if you’re not really subscribed do that.
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