What’s going on guys Patrick here bringing you a brand new video today we got another killer video for you guys full of information today we’re gonna be talking about Yale’s Warren Buffett investing in cryptocurrency we’re also gonna be looking at is ripples XRP of security and tons of other news that went on in the cryptocurrency space but guys.
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First off if you guys are in Arkansas or Tennessee you can now trade Bitcoin and aetherium Commission free with Robin Hood now I know Robin Hood is very selective of where they are allowing their services right now slowly every so often we.

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Link in the description for you guys to sign up I’ve used Robin Hood for for my stock trading and now you can purchase Bitcoin aetherium commission-free which is a very very nice addition I think they’re gonna continue to grow more and more they’re gonna obviously eventually get to the point where every state is.

Obviously more and more countries as well that’d be really cool to see I like Robin Hood I think it’s going to open the doors for.

Investors people who you know just kind of regard new to investing because it’s.

A new to investing app you know you put certain amount of money most people don’t.

Have millions and millions of dollars on there most people have a smaller amount and they trade stocks with that or they buy and hold stocks with that it’s gonna allow them the easy shift.

The convenience shift over to.

Cryptocurrencies as well to manage a little bit more high risk now speaking of high risk this a recent survey it reveals that crypto investors are forward-thinking risk taker so this is actually pretty interesting I figured there’s not too much news today we can cover some stuff like this and take.

A look at you know the people who are in cryptocurrency look at the characteristics of the people in cryptocurrency so the top reasons for people investing in cryptocurrency right now obviously the number one reason is the possibility of a huge return I’m sure all you guys are here because you guys want to make money off the money.

You’re investing you want to make a lot of returns you want to see those crazy crypto gains.

That’s why a lot of people have invested number two people believe it’s the currency of the future now that’s gonna vary I’ve heard makes the pins a lot of people are investing only for the investment side.

Those I guess are the investors only and then the people who actually believe it’s the currency of the future it has.

Its place as a currency maybe not the world currency maybe it’s not going to be and this is scriptorium.

A this is not a Bitcoin potato this it’s just cryptocurrency some people other than their people who are actually on the adoption who think they’re going to who thinks this is actually going to be adopted and become the currency of the future so mixed up from talking to people there are mixed opinions.

There and then third people I know are doing it fear and missing out FOMO.

These are not good reasons to invest diversify your portfolio fantastic reason to invest now reasons people are not investing as number one it’s too risky I don’t agree with that but I understand the image that’s being shown of cryptocurrency is.

That it’s risky personally in a long run I don’t think cryptocurrency is risky I think day to day cryptocurrency you know or like month to month like we’ve seen the run all the way up to 20 K and then coming back down to 6 K like we’ve seen that if you.

Consider that risky then okay I considered that just volatility in the long run like we showed in yesterday’s video you guys haven’t checked it out make sure you go ahead and check that we showed the long-term the long-term look at Bitcoin and how really long-term we are still very very bullish right now.

So I don’t personally think it’s.

Too risky but I get what they’re saying it’s a fun risk.

In my opinion it’s a management a calculated risk it’s that’s why I don’t invest more than you’re willing to lose it is a it’s a managed risk that you’re taking in order to potentially see the higher returns and the future to come now I don’t know I don’t know enough about it fantastic reason obviously we don’t want people investing who don’t know about it that’s what we saw my gut says not to it seems too good to be true now some of the some of the top traits.

Of investors and non investors so risk-taking is the number one trait in people who have invested over a or almost 80% and then forward thinking it’s the.

Next one innovative free thinking smart and then a small percentage reckless can’t be a little reckless as well but I honestly really like all of this and something I’ve noticed talking to a lot of crypto investors talking to a lot.


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