A leaked memo written by Facebook’s vice president andrew Bosworth entitled the ugly gives a glimpse into the attitude the social network has towards its own growth buzz Bosworth says the ugly truth of Facebook’s growth is that connecting people could lead to deaths but so be it in the memo Bosworth says anything that allows us to connect more people.

More often as the fact oh good he goes on to say that’s why all the.

Work we do in growth is justified all the questionable contact importing practices all the subtle language that helps people stay searchable by friends all of the work we do to bring more communication in the work we will likely have to do in China someday.

All of it with the criticism that has been leveled at Facebook recently the leaf could hardly have come at a worse time see also a beleaguered Mark Zuckerberg has already tried to distance himself from the 2016 memo saying that he disagrees with the contents and pointing out.

That his company never believed for the ends justify the means memo has been published in fold by BuzzFeed in it Bosworth says maybe it costs a life by.

Exposing someone to bullies maybe someone s in a terrorist attack coordinated on our tools it is literally just what we do we connect people period that’s why all the work we do in growth is justified while the memo is a couple of years old and has been held at arm’s length by Zuckerberg.

It certainly does not reflect well on Facebook the memo shows that Facebook is well aware of the impact it can have on the world.

Positive as well as negative and acknowledges that at least some sections of the company.

Do not care about the cost of advancement that the memo originates from Bosworth a Facebook stalwart of more than a decade is something that will be particularly disturbing.
To anyone reading it he himself has already sought to turn.

Around the debate suggesting that he didn’t even agree with what he said when he wrote the memo on Twitter he said my statement on the recent BuzzFeed story containing a post I wrote in 2016 picked twitter.
com slash LMZ DMC our JV 5 buzz.

At boss tank March 29th 2018 in another tweet he says why did you write a post you don’t agree with it was intended to be provocative this was one of the most unpopular.

Things I’ve ever written internally in the ensuing debate helped shape our tools for the better buzz at Voss tank March 29th 2018 but for all of the backpedaling there’s no denying that this is yet another thing that does not.
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