Besides them yeah oh that’s right look so so we our goal of doing this presentation is just to share a little bit of how we test our libraries and and how we ensure that we deliver the most secure SSL and TLS solution in the world so we without further ado we’ll get started here so today we’re going to.

Talk a little bit about the background of our company who we are where we came from and what motivates us to do what we do every day we will talk about vulnerabilities and why they matter how testing is a mission here within our company and our culture at.

Wolf SSL we will give you guys an overview of the testing lifecycle that we go through on a daily basis and finally we will cover.

Why wolf vostell is the best or why do you think we’re the best and at the very end I have two brief examples just showing some of the tests code that we use from day to day so this is a little bit about our history and the technologies that we offer.

Wolf SSL originally started out as a project at MySQL the mysql recognized that there was a need for a clean room implementation.

Of SSL and TLS they were having licensing issues with opus cell at the time and one at their own solution written from scratch based on no other existing TLS solution so our CEO who worked for MySQL at the time Larry Stefanik he was tasked with coming up with this solution and.

A former contact of his Todd Aska who is now the CTO and co-founder of wolf SSL and he asked Todd if if he could put something together in about two months so Todd told.

Them sure I can put something together it won’t be a completely full-featured solution but yeah we can have something up learning in.

Two months and so yeah SSL was written in C++ from the ground up at that time in 2004 and yeah SSL stood for yet another SSL once MySQL had been using it for about two years our CTO and CEO noticed that people within this the hobby space and embedded system space were starting to.

Try and port this solution to embedded devices and they recognized that there was a growing.

Need in the marketplace so they thought sat down and went over how can we make this even smaller even more adaptable for embedded systems and the solution was to rewrite the library and see rather than C++ so Todd sat down and once again in 2006 he rewrote the.

Entire yazell library from the scratch from scratch in C and then we called it C yazell for yet another SS over it and see we as the years progressed.

MySQL did not want to keep this thing.

As and maintain it as their own so they gave all the intellectual property rights to Larry and Todd Aska who then.

Took and packaged it as its own entity and they started branding it as wolf SSL we did the official name change from Seattle to wolf SSL in 2014 and here we are today so as.

Of right now we have a thousand plus om customers throughout the room and we have 17 plus resells partners and we’ve grown from a company of just three employees.

In 2011 to over 30 where actually we started out this year at.

29 we’re actually at about 36.

Right now employees in 2018 we currently estimate that we’re securing two billion endpoints throughout the world and probably more than that so these are some of the products that our company offers we offer the SSL and TLS solution that’s our our meat and potatoes of our product suite along with that we offer wolf crypt which SSL and TLS relies on but wolf Kurt can be built completely standalone.

Crypto library if you do not have a need for us so on TLS we also maintain and distribute a wolf MQTT client that works interrupts well with all existing brokers.

Including Azure and Amazon Web Services.

– the most popular ones we also write and maintain our own SSH client and server these client servers are designed with embedded systems in mind we’ve done tests where.

We SSA Qing to pick 32s and various other things and this is a embedded solution that interrupts with OpenSSH we also offer the wolf TPM library which supports the TPM 2.
0 protocol and we are currently working on adding support for TPM 1.
2 the older protocol version we have the wolf SLE several language wrappers we’ll just briefly cover those we have a j’ni wrapper for using our c libraries and.

Java programs we have a c-sharp wrapper we calling our C code from a c-sharp program we have a Python wrapper for both wool veces el and wolf crypt and we have a JavaScript wrapper some other things of note are just the SSL proxy.

Secure memcached will skip secure update and wolf command-line utility and those are all being actively developed as we speak and they most of those.

RNA out or beta type release at this moment so our company as.

As people started using us throughout the world and given that we came from MySQL our company already had an innate open-source culture built into it and.

We wanted to maintain that moving forward as we broke off from MySQL and became our own entity and to that end we offer both the GPL v2 license library.

For all open source projects and we offer commercial licensing.

For those of our customers that want to use our stuff in their solutions but they don’t want to open-source their code you can freely download our source code from.

Our web site or from our github repository and we offer professional support direct from any engineer within our company if one of our engineers has worked as a specific project and you have.

Questions we will get you in touch with the right engineer to assist you in any.

Of your efforts we also offer consulting services as a company and one of those is.

A QuickStart solution so if you have a need to get wolfish so up and running in a week or two weeks you can leverage our engineers we come on site will do that for you or we can do it remotely if you can provide us access to your systems and we do various other consulting as well including a system architecture stand up design etc all of our libraries are written in the.

C language and this allows for Portability and ease of use it also offers the smallest possible footprint and highest performance are all of our products are highly configurable you can disable and enable any given feature in fact we like to say it’s a hundred percent modular so if you get our wolf Isis L in Wolf Creek libraries but all you want is the sha-1 algorithm you.


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