All right driver yelling at somebody behind me from the Clark Park Park hours 6 a.
to 12 midnight not some other parks for 10:00 p.
but ok midnight permits are required for beer consumption for Reza for reservable areas not sure which areas are reservable urban camping need a permit to camp here so if you want to pitch it.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody pitch a tent here in the parks following our prohibited amplified sound so really if you’re listening to a your cell phone has an amplifier.

And it doesn’t it motor motor vehicles are prohibited abusing facilities that’s vague.

Disruptive behavior is also a vague alcohol consumption is prohibited permits are required for beer consumption but alcohol consumption is prohibited except beer by permit ok glass containers prohibited coughing port there’s no holes golfing forever dude swimming diving.
Waiting there’s no water dangerous acts.

Which is vague such as archery use of firearms so I think you’re allowed to have a firearm in the park you just can’t music pets least required clean up.

After anyway the sign hey who’s there there’s no auditor hey man I’m in Clark Park somehow I get the feeling I’m not gonna run into any security or is.

That what this vehicle is over here that might be what this vehicle is get a good look at it securing your something-or-other yeah this must be it this must be g4s that is the worst look in gee I’ve ever seen it’s almost like it’s in disguise securing your world g4s is there a car number I don’t see a car there.

88 35 there’s nobody in it that must mean somebody’s walking around the park our door there is straight ahead I think armed guards.

And this might be that chick from the me and Aryan ran into it the Tempe police station if you have her name backward messages a finito be nice if I had her name in case I run into her surely there’s no kids there so if I alright didn’t.

Say smoking is prohibited in the park I’m smoking nice park a lot of equipment all of it not being sick somebody’s get their possessions in a shopping cart over there isn’t that considered litter litter that’s one of the things that.

In the park here’s some litter there’s some litter trash cans full and overflowing that makes it hard not to.

Tell me about the security are they harassing you guys at all it’s not in your face it’s pointed this way over these guys I’m here for your benefit not theirs what so uh yeah.

Are they giving you a hard time or not really they just showed up on that day or two ago now hired it’s a private.
Security firm armed security firm.

The City Council voted to have them patrol the parks and they said the Tempe police is gonna train them for 40 hours within ten hours from when it got approved they started patrolling the parks without their training so they might not.

Know how to use a gun what’s that yeah it smart work here’s this your artwork that’s pretty cool all right so weird they where’d they run off game well they weren’t very cross cooperative the the girl wanted me get the camera out of her face wasn’t even in her face deliberately pointed it away from her I think security went around the far side of the ballpark here I’ll cut.


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