Can’t talk to the person with your home hub that’s a strange omission that I’d hope will be patched soon but it’s solenoid also Google had a few oversights here scrolling works well or not.

At all it can send directions to your phone but not if you ask directly for them and again I’m sure most of these are gonna get fixed but expect to encounter an occasional annoyance if you’re buying this thing right.
I’ve gotten to spend some time with it I really.

Like all the new features packed into this tiny little thing scroll down for a view of your smart home you’ll see shortcut buttons here for common tasks these lights show up.

Based on the location of your home hub and you can tap here and see all of your smart home devices room by room.

It’s really well organized and I really like it so this whole view is going to roll out as an update to Lenovo screen and JBL’s screen as well but.

That doesn’t take away from how useful it is the hub’s a.

Good fit if you want something smaller and more unassuming given its size you could literally find a spot for it almost anywhere near a plug it has a fine mic and the sound quality is passable but not nearly as good as the other smart displays we’ve tested it’s not even quite as good as the Google home Mini.

But that’s about the level it’s at so again it’s a different kind of smart display it’s not the same premium behemoth as the others but it’s an affordable and cute smart home control center that’ll fit into any room and it fills that role very well.


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