Hello everybody today we are going to learn how to make elects the skills of no coding using Amazon skill blueprints it is simple and fun to do this and only takes a couple of minutes so all that you need is a web browser or computer a internet connection you will need an Amazon account which is free and easy.

Account which is free and very easy to make and imagination so let’s get started so first you have to open blueprints amazon.com to get started so we are already here and you can start by choosing a skill sample so we are gonna go with an adventure so storyteller you will be.

Taken to the demo page where.

You can get an idea of what to create for your story to make your own story say make your own so we’re gonna click that right now alright so you’re given a page with text already in it you can highlight and delete all the text to start from scratch if you want but you can kind of see.

It’s a long time go to young heroes yada yada yada and you see there’s a lot of stuff here and don’t be intimidated by this this is just the story that they’ve already pre made for you to kind of give you a idea of what you can write but we are.

Going to start from scratch so I’m gonna select it all and just delete it so here we are with a blank slate so there are four main effects that you can add to this story there sounds there’s pauses expressions and blanks so first of all sounds is how you add sound effects pauses is add a pause.

In the voice so it doesn’t just ramble on a straight line you can add pause and make it sound more lifelike expressions or you can have your Amazon echo talk with more variety of words and then the blink allows you to add in a filler word so it kind of like mad libs so.

It will allow you to any word you.

Want to fill any word and blinks allow you to insert a blank spot before she reads your story Alexa will ask for a name and you’ll give it a name so let’s say it asks for a princess name if you.

Say the princess name is Olivia it will then put Olivia into that princess name and we’ll go over this later on to show you how that works so let’s.
Start by writing a story so let’s just write a story about a dog so once.

Upon a time there was a dog named so here we need to add a name so that at the beginning of the skill Alexa will ask you what you want to.

Whatever name you give it no matter what it is you could say hot dog or Billy and whatever name you put in we want it to put in right here so we’re gonna add a blank and we’re gonna say dog’s name alright so you see here here’s now a blank and it’s dog’s name.

So at the very beginning of the Alexa skill she’s.

Gonna ask you to name a dog dog’s name and you’ll say whatever comes to your mind whatever you want to name the dog and when the story plays they’ll say once upon a time there was a dog named something whatever you choose to name it so we’re just gonna put a.

Period there and so let’s continue with the story so I want to say once upon time there was a dog named Billy Nick’s sentence would be.

Billy was a good dog so and I still don’t know what the dog’s name is cuz every.


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