There’s this sort of myth that you’ve only got one sort of focus area at least for me I’ve found that in either case you know I can quite regularly will you know find a tangent or find a thread that you want to pull on and you’ll just keep pulling on that thread and pulling on that thread and you.

Find yourself you know neck deep in Chinese military doctrine or something you know and you haven’t had lunch.

That day but yeah we learned a lot okay hi everyone today we’re here with Austin who was diagnosed with Asperger’s at the age of 17 and is now completing a PhD in emerging weapons technology or something basically something like that so welcome Austin hello and the first question I’d like to.

Start with is what’s your favorite thing about being on the autism spectrum I suppose there’s always sort of a professional answer to that mine personally is that I actually quite enjoyed a special interest focus but from the perspective of I if ever I’m feeling stressed or aboard there’s something I.

Lose days at a time doing which I find fascinating but yeah so in the past what are some things that you’ve delved into and spent days at a time doing so my sort of broad areas history military history specifically looking at the Russian Empire with and within that looking at the sort of early 1800s period so the Napoleonic Wars and the immediate aftermath which is always lots of.

Fun looking into some of the characters that were around at that period you know.

People like Postum and post Tolstoy was a Russian general that had to have his is the key and bizarre the Emperor of Russia had to tell him directly not to bring his bear into battle with him because that was the plan with their good plan behind bringing a bear into battle no he was just rich and he was just Popish right okay fair enough sounds interesting and where has that taken you in.

Your life that interesting well that interest led into looking at terrorism and counterterrorism studies which led into my university degree did a Bachelor of Arts majoring in securing counterterrorism as a result of that which then led into the PhD so we where I’m looking at the.

PhD it’s sort of a longbow to draw back into Napoleon and history but that’s the sort of progression I went through to get there I’ve sort of growing up around autism because my brother is on the spectrum as well but I wasn’t actually diagnosed until I was 17 was it a better psychologist.

Just this sort of checkup if you do and she said you should really go and get tested because you know kind of obvious and so I went and I had my girlfriend at the time on one side and.

My mother on the other and the guy at the psychiatrist is going down the list of sort of behavioral indicators and I think I got to answer one of them because I answered for you yeah he’d read one out and one of them.
Would go yep he does that yes he does.

That all the time all the time another like that so you know most most people in my sort of immediate family were not surprised in fact emotions that I had already been diagnosed long before so so how did it.
Feel for a professional on your family to say it’s obvious and for.


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