This is a midweek surprise mail back as usual it contains many things and because it’s midweek I omit the usual warning lets youtubers here is the guy with the Swiss accent with a new episode and fresh ideas around sensors and microcontrollers two times the same thing so we open one this is a special the room chip it’s not.
Every year over chip it’s smaller but it has a UFL antenna.

Connector usually the we room chips do not have a antenna connector they have just the normal PCB antenna and I wanted.

To have a little bit more reach on the tank and an interesting detail here it has also two LEDs I think they are neopixels if I am right so quite a special port from easy SPC comm this board came with.

These two antennas one is a pigtail and the other one is this antenna it should resonate on 2.4 gigahertz and we will taste it now this antenna here you don’t do not see anything it has a SWR of more than 3.
5 so we have to reduce the sensitivity and you see at 2.

4 gigahertz it nearly has the maximum instead of the.

Minimum the minimum would be here but still above 3.

So this antenna here is completely useless on 2.
4 gigahertz by the way this is how a better 2.4 gigahertz antenna looks like it has a dip it’s also not a 2.4 gigahertz it has still a SWR of about 2.2 or so so it’s usable it’s not good it’s usable next one this is an obd2 dongle and it has bluetooth and it can be plucked in all newer cars newer means less than.

Values and stuff like that maybe I will experiment once with this Donal to read the different values of my car and also it is interesting as an Bluetooth device this is also why I bought.

A Bluetooth one maybe I want to experiment also a little bit with the the ESP 32 to give it a next try if.

The ble support is already better next one this one has a Sam D 21 module x one in it it is a nice small chip from we mas but I’m not.

Sure if this is from lemurs it is named Sam d-21 mini and this chip here seems to be the.

Rising star next one this one does not come from China obviously this comes from Switzerland but originally the product came from the United States of America the Adafruit dealer here in Switzerland is called play zone and we have here a feather m0 Express nice PCP with a small chip and a little bit of breadboard area here and.

You can connect it to a battery and it has a sandy 21 chip on it this sandy 21 chip is now more and more important.

Because it is used in a few designs and Adafruit especially uses it for.

Micro peyten or their derivative actually I wanted more than the 51 which is the bigger sister but unfortunately it was not available here in Switzerland so I start with this Sandy 21 so I have a choice of.

Two this one does not have a battery management this one has a battery management and there are a few other differences for example this one has also a neo pixel so this seems to be a very nice port but I want to see if.

This works too next one a huge one this is something completely new to me these are wires which I should be able to illuminate a little bit disappointing I think I have to switch.


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