Agriculture Victoria works to assist agriculture to be globally competitive innovative and resilient it does this by working with the sector to achieve sustainable growth while managing risks and minimizing adverse impacts to the economy Environment and Public Health and Safety i’m libby gone and I’m a plant standards officer at the Melbourne market seeming epping my name is Paul burdock.

I’m a leading plant standards officer at the.

Melbourne fruit and vegetable wholesale market with agriculture Victoria I work in plant biosecurity delivering operational projects to protect agriculture and consumers from plant pests and diseases so what that entails is working under over culture Victoria so.

Working with the industry implementing compliance for the plant biosecurity act and working with the clientele to really facilitate market access to facilitate that trade of products here.

From Victoria grown in Victoria to other states our days start early on inspection Bay around 6 or 7 a.
so businesses bring projects to us for inspection and and.

Wear your shoes certification and we ensure that the produce has been treated or harvested in a way which will meet import requirements and from time to time.

Where responses all speak plant pests and diseases collecting samples in the field covered from head to toe in biosecurity keep my favourite audit so far was at a quaint Berry Farm it was drizzling rain were surrounded by trees and sitting in front of a pot-bellied stove.
They could smell the fire so it was just a unique experience.

And a very unique audit as a whole or the job would.

Be working with the people so not just the staff and colleagues at agriculture Victoria.

But also the clientele it’s really refreshing getting to talk to sort of people from different lifestyles and different cultures and and you know learning from them and just getting along as as.

A workplace I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much I think it’s really it really suits me I love the job I love the staff I love the markets and visiting all the nurseries agriculture Victoria offers extensive training for staff it provides mobile phones and iPads use of its vehicles and other equipment during work hours as well.

As flexible work arrangements we build careers not just provide a job after completing a great program in the rural water industry I then decided that I’d actually.

In horticulture that’s when I decided to study a master of Urban horticulture and I saw this position advertised and discovered the world of plant biosecurity so I applied for the job and have a look back why security is fundamental to the health well-being and prosperity of all Victorians.

Something that’s led me into a career path that you know not only do I now enjoy but I actually really enjoy getting up in the morning going to work it’s an exciting place.

To work work with us visit careers dot Vic dot gov dot a you authorised by agriculture Victoria won Spring Street Melbourne.


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