Hey everybody it is Maddie here with altcoin buzz hope you’re doing phenomenally well on this Friday yes the weekend is just about here there’s no arguing that so we’re looking at a whole number of stories today actually we’re looking at news quotes out of Penn Terra’s den Moorhead we’ll see what he has to say we’re taking a look.

At international news about security and vaulted offline cryptocurrency measures that are being taken or at least offered we’re looking at Gary not Gary Goldman Sachs and Mike Novogratz they’re both in the news they’re saying some things about crypto custody we’re also looking at a new feature here on.

Community speaks we’re looking at the and on project and we’re also looking at the next installment of our ICO review series today looking at MF chains so lots happening lots going on but let’s begin as always on altcoin buzzed on io with the CEO of Pantera capital here who says that the Bitcoin ETF.

Is years away that is a quote Bitcoin ETF years away during a panel discussion at Bloomberg’s institutional crypto conference in New York City.

15th of October the CEO of Pantera Dan Morehead claims that a quote Bitcoin ETF is years away while this seems to go against what would be beneficial for his company it proves that he is objective and truly calls it how he sees it certainly we’ve had a bunch of ETFs not the least of which has been the Vanek solid X C BOE ETF that have been not rejected but.

Have been pushed down the road that have been delayed by the SEC the Securities and Exchange Commission but guys do not mistake this for Fudd.

For sheepish this because Dan Moorhead is the one that said that one day.

Crypto is gonna be a 40 trillion.

Dollar market you may remember his bullishness we’ve talked about it previously so in more heads opinion the biggest challenge cryptocurrencies.

Institutional investors he believes that if institutional investors are attracted to crypto markets it will stimulate growth enough so that the SEC will deem markets to be of special importance and solidity he calls this institutional inertia of course we have backed which is all of a sudden a big deal so we’re talking about that by the way Chris Parata wrote this article so all it goes to Chris forgot to mention your.
And he brings up those points he brings up the fact that.

We have backed all of the sudden that’s in the news that’s going to be in November hopefully making waves we have fidelity investments we talked about the institutional arm that they’re expanding into as far as institutional crypto offerings so Dan Moorhead replied that.

Quote he is confident that they will provide a very good institutional custody / clearing solution very few people know that the last asset class that was certified for an ETF was copper it took three years even though coppers been around for 8,000 years so I think in ETF is years away he’s definitely a realistic guy and again don’t mistake this for a negative sentiment don’t mistake.

This for him not being a full-blown proponent of cryptocurrency like on steroids because he is again a 40 trillion dollar market if you want to read more about Pantera we wrote about them back in July can take a look at.

This link here they’re also on medium you can read about this Bitcoin price target $5,000 Pantera blockchain letter July 2018 that’s.

From back in the day if you want to brush up on some previous publications not exactly relevant but nice to have some context in other news.

Zack international security firm to offer vaulted offline cryptocurrency storage so g4s and FTS 250 security company that offers protection from cash to nuclear power has begun offering cryptocurrency protection g4s is one of the world’s largest security companies headquartered in London it employs 560 thousand people.

So order over a half million people and operates in 90 countries in 2017 it recorded revenues in excess of seven billion British pounds allowing it to develop its new service so the new service provides secure offline storage for.

Large clients keeping the assets safe from criminals and hackers according to the Financial Times the.

Company already offers the service to an unnamed European exchange the company uses its.

Own existing vaults for the service and charges based on the number of storage devices the client once and then you have according to a senior risk analyst here quote our security solution is built on.

A foundation of a vault storage.

We only take the assets offline but break.

Them up into fragments that are independently without value and store them securely in our high-security vaults I would have reach of cyber criminals and armed robbers alike you guys can read more about g4s what they’re all about I’ve not heard about them previously myself to be perfectly honest but they.

Seem to be a mega massive company and if there is a demand whether it’s directly from their direct clients or indirectly but if there’s a demand for them to get into the crypto space and they’re capitalizing on that and they’re recognizing it that’s a pretty good sign I think they’re probably gonna.

Be the first of many so that’s certainly a good omen take.

A look here’s a pretty hardcore picture of them I may be it’s too serious but news here on Bitcoin news day Bitcoin calm security giant g4s offers protected offline cryptocurrency storage you.

Can read about that here you can also read about it on g4s comm check out their web site here for more direct information now in other news goldman.

Sachs and mike Novogratz betting on crypto custody article here bye Lisa so Goldman Sachs is the American banking giant that we’ve talked about quite extensively in the past together with its former partner Mike Novogratz who’s now at dalla G.

Galaxy rather digital ventures they’ve invested in the u. crypto custody service bit go so that’s a service that describes itself as the leader in security compliance and custodial solutions for blockchain based crypto currencies it’s a multi currency platform the companies raised seventy.

Million dollars of which fifteen million dollars were contributed.

By G s Goldman Sachs and Michael Novogratz the man who likes to predict yes of course lisa has written about this before mike says that the bottom is in.


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