You good evening this is universal news media it is January 29 2018 we are looking at a contrast-enhanced photo that just came in minutes ago from the Alaskan FAA weather camera located in Arctic village Alaska what most people don’t know is that there are a number of planets approaching our earth causing receding shorelines extreme weather and other earth.

Changes unfortunately none of this is being reported in the mainstream news these planets and moons of this inbound mini solar.

System are often unnoticed by most people because they usually fade into an artificial transparency in the.

Atmosphere because of atmospheric chemicals that are sprayed daily by the military jets you will see this happen in today’s video of.

These two planets that are among a group that is nearing our planet watch closely because the planets fade in and out of transparency quickly because of this transparency issue we will play the video several times to.

Make it easier to catch the planets on those three or four frames in which they are visible each frame being played is 10 minutes in this video which means we are.

Watching the planets flyby in time-lapse mode this flyby takes place over the course of one hour the reason the planets even become visible for a few frames is because the Sun hits them at precisely the perfect angle in order to light them up because as mentioned earlier these are normally not visible.

Anyone can view these same images that we put into these videos by going to the webpage address at the top right corner of these pictures of cams FAA gov you.


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