If you haven’t subscribed already ring that bell to get notified when new movies are posted Chris Young here from home cat geek it is October 15th and this is a week of unscheduled updates we had the Amazon releases earlier this week we’ve also got a car updates and judging by the number of views you guys are as excited.

About this as I am so what we got earlier this week is Anna Cara update for the home kit app and the firmware.

Of the Gateway itself and I am pleased pleased pleased to announce that the show me and me mija Misha however you pronounce that accessories are now working with apple homekit they are now exposed so the acara.

Solution which I will put a link to the video that I published on that already although by the look of things many of you have already seen it thank you for that it is a really great solution the only thing it seems to be missing is lights which we’ve got a lot of choices in that already there are temp.

Sensors plugs we’ve got all the above and now we can take advantage of some of the previous accessories that we’re out in the market like the me and the Xiaomi sensors so shown in the.

Image here you can kind of see the button has that image of kind of reminds me of a cat.

I’m not I’m not sure what the logo is but those previously in the previous update you could use them for automations but they would not be exposed to homekit as of this update though things have changed let’s check.

It out so here we are New York our app I’m still hoping we get a landscape mode right now we’re still stuck at portrait even on the iPad but it is a I like to look in the feel of the app I’ve already told you guys that what we really want to focus on here though is showing you that the Xiaomi.

Full devices you can see them which you couldn’t in.

The previous update and again we’re only talking a couple of weeks here so it’s really impressive to see how.

Acara is taking this serious so I know the motion sensor was originally a me sensor I had that with my Misha or me ha whatever.

We pronounce that word hub and I’ve now paired this with my acara hub.

It worked it worked great I could use it in automations within the hub before but I couldn’t see it at home kit that has changed now as well I’ve got the temperature humidity sensors.

So at least a couple of these I have been able to verify I’m sure some of you will be asking what version of firmware is this supported.

On so let’s go take a look at that real quick let’s go into the hub okay there we go I’ll scroll down to the bottom here and see the firmware version and.

I am running firmware version 1.

32 and it is currently up to date so again that’s the firmware that as of the time of this recording we’re able to see all those devices the Xiaomi and the me devices we can also of course go into the apple homekit now one thing I do want to point out is works does not necessarily mean supported so if you go to the CARICOM website they still don’t claim support.

For any of the the other manufacturers accessories so that’s one thing to be aware.

Of here is we’re in a little bit of grey waters if you know what I mean it is exposed it is working we can’t see them which is awesome.


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