Hi everybody so we are gonna upgrade our vlogging so you will not be seeing this background here we just bought photography six by nine feet background standard green screen black white with claps so I will be doing the unboxing today so I hope I will not be disappointed twisted with this product here and here it is so we.
Bought this one this package for $59 in 20 cents and it includes white.

Cream and black so this size is the size of the muslin.

Is six by nine feet and it it is a seamless so it seems.

Off the surface and should be ready for use it is a machine washable and it.

Is easy to fold you know for the background so we’re blocking all this one here the one that I have this you guys don’t really want to see those and it includes three photography muslin backdrop clamps so it is on three inches and 75 long it is the.

Material is nylon is this essential item in any studio you know how to set up and it is lightweight.

Easy to use grip the background to the background stand and it can grip about anything I was going to buy an older one backdrops separate the stand but then I.

Think it’s better if you just buy that package of it where you make sure everything goes together the stunt on this one is like you can.

Adjust them so whatever the size.

Of the backdrop background that you have I think you can adjust them tight button we just buy the package of it I don’t know if it’s really a good deal but at least saves time anyway buying it online is very very effective because if you try to buy it like in stores you would take hours just looking for it and.

Then you can compare the prices really because you have to go to stores to stores just to compare the prices online you can compare the prices there.

The package includes two times six feet tall.

High-quality aluminum tripod stand poor backdrop so this aluminum stays pants are lightweight for AC placement it’s strong enough to hold a Muslim background this is are made from aluminum alloy with professional black satin finish folds up quickly easily and.

Light safety with solid locking system industrial standard mounting mounting stud solid safety three leg.

Height adjustable in one pieces of backdrop supports thanks to section cross bar above drop support stand to section cross bar so this cross bar can be used on to.

Maximum of 10 feet this assembles easily consists of two section means making it simple to adjust the bed it can handle about any.

Type of background from muslin to canvas to paper support stance 1/4 mount.

Thread to assemble professional background supports and it has once support stand carrying back it is made quality high quality of a nylon it can travel and set up with peace it is a custom design to support all tag photography accessories so that’s a good deal in there so I hope this is a good deal.

Guys so I’m just showing you and then.

We’re kinda I’m planning to set up the studio on there I don’t know but we have to fix things up here.


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