Lube is here I’m heading out off to Nashville Tennessee it’s through security now for the rest of the cordon thing Starbucks now a change a flight at SFO then on to Nashville and 20 degrees it turns out this isn’t Orion lounge here so we’re heading there right now all right here we are getting into.

The lounge right now and what are we doing in Nashville I’m heading up to Nashville for imaging USA is a PBA conference if it’s speak a couple of times on burgers and different things so weight is around whole free about 30 minutes I’m going to head over to.

The gate for my flight fortunately it’s right downstairs dates right here’s we should be good it is Oh welcome to Nashville you’ll be doing a talk about how people can use their drones for photography and different ways of taking photos and videos and also how to process of doing HDR’s and panoramas different things like that it’ll be fun and also they get a cage and I’m gonna be in the cage each day doing a little talk and flying doing a little demos.

I have my maverick with me you out there in the balcony and now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna head over to the convention.

Get badged up and get ready to start so it looks like I missed registration by three minutes but the good thing is there’s a separate speakers room break and go take my badge up so I don’t have to spend in and the line in the morning.

Good morning everybody so it today is Sunday Sunday today date to arrived yesterday and I’ve got the hook today so I’m gonna have to hit down over there and get.

My badge just have a little look around here it’s really interesting because this place is like this big giant biosphere kind of thing you know man I really love to fly my turn around in here but nobody looking outside.

He I think that something was you’re trying to figure out I wonder what this looks like from outside all right let’s see how this goes all right that’s a wrap it looks like you can handle cold temperatures this is my badge that I have two badges and it takes massive skills to do what’s in here yes baby and you just film with us for pped.

You back in what September October they’re so idea out there he took me to his barbecue joint all right this is what it looks like when it’s empty with no people and this is what it looks like when this people in here smallest.

Fully-functional camera a little lens cap they University know I am a carpenter and a plumber you know my camera bizarrely everything so here we.

Have the three Gigi affairs and this is a medium you take any tripod head we.

Have a nice big be 855 mounted over here but with no tools whatsoever you just simply spin this on to the plateau pod lock it in place as tight as you want we’ve tested.

This to 300 pounds which you’ll never use and then you put it on any surface from the ground to a table – you can strap it on -.

It was nice as the platypus he just gave me a bunch of stuff here so expect a review soon how you doing then this is the v10 I’m gonna be like him one day I’m gonna be like you drones drones on what are.

We doing at the terms of do some client enable obstacle sorry all right so let’s see if I’ve.


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