Good morning another day another story and it’s raining in Denmark so today I’m gonna take some product pictures at tropica and I gonna show you how I do this can I explain you my hardware that I’m using and yeah show you a preview of those pictures so see you in the photo shooting studio okay guys I finally arrived.

At refika and this is my to-do list for today here we have.

Plans that I have to photo shoot and now we’re gonna go to the greenhouse and pick up those plans picking up plants can take a lot of time the nurseries bake I have a big list and well I needed some help from people to get me the plant so we skip this process and let’s cook what kind of plans I have it.

Here we have some aquatic for plans for the suction cup we have some new moss on a grid we have ears standpoint some Akina doors so let’s figure out some of those put them in the right.

Hand and start photoshopping okay guys we have seen me taking pictures of the plant in this light tent and in here I just took pictures of the lobelia cardinalis mini which is in the coconut mini pot version and also rotala rotundifolia also dinara version in fact I’ve been using the old type mini pot which is ceramic to kind of balance out.

The things inside the light hand so it looks like the plant is spending an upright position so I would like to explain you my setup kind of here so you have seen that the.

Camera is connected with a cable to my macbook where I can see the picture immediately from the camera when I take it on the.

Big screen to see if it’s in focus if the colors are.

Correct if everything is aligned just makes my life so much more easier so right now you see my camera that is attached with a cord to the MacBook and then I see the pictures that happen in here in the tank so this is the setup as.

It stands here you see the camera is then I use for photographing of course I don’t use the microphone.

The camera I’m using is yo 70 B and the lens I’m using right now is a wide-angle lens so fun fact this lens is not only good for vlogging it’s also good for taking like photography pictures and you can get really close but you know I’m also changing the lens.

For this macro lens to get you know like from far away or very close you know like for the detail shots so I’m using this macro lens over here this is a 100 millimetres 1.28 L this is professional series the photos to go inside my computer in the raw editor I’m shooting raw and then they’re edited in raw and then.

You know export to JPEG and then yeah resize for social media this kind of photography gonna kind of look behind the scenes was interesting for you of course I do as well aquarium photography so if you have seen my previous video about.

That IPL see all those pictures I have taken myself except one for 2018 George Varma was so kind to help me out a little bit during the photo shoot but basically you know I know how to photo shoot an aquarium and if you are interested in how to photo shoot an.

Aquarium I can teach you and explain you all the little details how to make your aquarium as good as it could possibly look on photo so if you’re interested to know.

How to do this let me know in the comments down below if you have any specific questions regarding photography of aquariums and I will.

Make sure to answer them to the next video once again.

Thank you for watching and I gonna see you in the next..


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