Today I’d like to show you how to do a little bit of turn light on here let’s do a little bit of flash photography using a slow shutter speed alright so the first thing is you want to set your camera to a slow shutter speed so let me just turn your focus ring there you go right want to.

Set the camera here just slow.

Centipede so I’ll use a slow charge to get one second then make sure you have flashing on it and.

That what I’m going to do here is I’m gonna.

Freeze the motion of water splashing right into this cup alright now I’m going to do that is I’m gonna show you exactly how did you it right.
Now sit down alongside feet and use your flash now.

I want to send it on a tripod just for the sake of it alright so we’ll do some eyes right now to the tripod let me give you a few notes here make sure we take the photo you’re in a dark place use the most ISO as possible for preventing noise no you mean wondering how does this work no as long as your flash.

Is as long as as long as your flash on the camera is fast enough you’re able to freeze motion doesn’t happen doesn’t matter if your camera has a slow shutter but as you go as long as you have fast flash and it’s good it’s best to use external flash but my camera doesn’t support external flash in here my film camera so I’ll show you exactly are you you can.
Take the photo right now first I turn off the light it’s right there take.

My cup of water right on the fool gets it and then as you see my focus auto focus light is on right so I want to take the picture so what I’m gonna do is on a port of water and then take the picture so ready set hopefully you guys saw that so let me.

Show you exactly how the picture turned out all right so let me turn back yeah so that’s hopeful so exactly how that you look like so here it’s a picture.

Time you know you just you know I gotta focus it there you go as you can see the photo very nice thought about the white bass is a bit off have a seat you cannot easy change that in post process or we take the photo with the track white balance so the right bounce is slightly green in a slightly off but as you see the photo very.
Nice as you can see look at the water is slashed and.

And this is one second to prove it I’ll show you is one second as you see at 3.5 one second with flash see one second shutter speed make sure you can trigger to make sure that you don’t have a wide aperture wide of aperture 3.5 isn’t too wide I just want it to be a little brighter so I cranked that 3.

It was a little white so how do you small aperture as possible but but I just wanted mine to be a little bit brighter so that’s why I picked a 3.5 but in your case just cranked the eyes dice up to the lowest and have a small aperture and that will get you this nice photo so again all you haven’t do to take.

The picture is slow shutter speed all right but really exactly how did that just with like so.

Fill this with water you wanna did was I splash like that and I took the picture so yeah so is why did so that’s what exactly what I did that’s all I did was a slow shutter speed so there I go thank you for what checking all this creative video see you.


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