It’s been meat week in the studio and if you follow me on instagram you have seen all the meats all the means and I would tell you a meat pun but I’m sure I’d butcher it alright what’s up you guys I’m in the studio today I was not planning on filming a video cuz I’m literally just you know.

No makeup just in my scrubs doing what I do every day which is shooting here for clients but I.

Was doing something and I realized you know this would be really helpful to share with you guys cuz this is something that is a really quick and easy tip it does not cost any money well I mean how much is construction paper not expensive and it’s just something.
That can really change everything.

It changed everything for me so what I want to show you is this image right here alright.
We’re doing this flat lay and.

I have some salami going on I’ve got a little bit of cheese and tomatoes and pasta and I’m liking.

The overall exposure of the image but the problem is if you look at that cheese that cheese is overexposed right we’re losing the detail in those cubes and so but I don’t want to reduce the overall exposure of the image and darken it because then I’m gonna have to adjust that and post a little bit more and I’m going to lose some of.

The magic of you know the overall exposure that I’ve got so we just want to fix the cheese right keep it from being blown out so that’s when you grab your construction paper I’ve just folded it in.

Half here because what I want to do is selectively block the light right just.

On the cheese okay because the light source is coming from here behind the camera there’s a window right here and so I’m just gonna block the light on the cheese I don’t want it to block this salami I don’t want it to create some sort of crazy shadows but I’m just placing it right here so it’s just casting a shadow on the cheese and suddenly our cheese is properly exposed it’s not.

Blown out everything else looks great we’re gonna go ahead and take a shot and that is the image straight out of the camera and then if I out of it here’s the final image and I’d say that looks pretty good so that is just something I wanted to share with.

You guys I thought you’d appreciate it if you have any questions or feedback or thoughts observations feel free to share those in the comments below you’re not already subscribed go ahead and hit that subscribe button because we’ll be back I’ll have some other tips I’m sure I’ll get inspired on the next shoot I’m on so I hope you have a.

Fabulous day thanks for stopping by.

You stay out of trouble I’ll see you soon okay.



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