Good morning and welcome to this morning’s vlog this morning I am in Lanzarote once again and I am in the small coastal village of Arrieta on the northeast of the island and I’ve come what two and a half thousand miles to photograph up here so as appear behind me here the parrot Arrieta I assume is that always called.

Anyway I’ve come here to photograph that and also this beautiful sea and maybe a couple of other things that I’ve spotted along the way so I’m gonna go.
Set up now I was originally gonna.

Set myself up here on this beach but I think what I might do is head up the rocks and see if there’s a better composition bit further up well I’m set up here and I’ve gotta be honest I already I really hate the.

It’s not doing anything for me at all you could probably say well why don’t you move but at the moment I’m pretty devoid of them feeling any inspiration for this here sure what I’m gonna do I’m.

Shooting it down down the angle of the pier.

So we’re looking down and out to see but I’m not getting anything absolutely groundbreaking or amazing with it really so.

Yeah it’s not really doing it for me if I’m honest I think there might be a bit more interest if I can somehow use these waves and have them as a foreground interest with the pier in the background I don’t know so I’m gonna think I’m.

Gonna abort this bit here I’ll.

Show you the picture if it comes out.

At all but I think I’m going to abort this bit here and I’m gonna a.

Bit further I hate that version really really like this so basically.

Up come on to the b-side of here sky behinds really nice yellow color up not be fluffy fast-moving clouds the sea well we gave just a really nice shot.

On including Villas here alone baby noise I’m shooting with.

My 24 to 17 shot water 20 it’s in sheets and panoramic see just to get everything the lights really.

Gorgeous in the back the Sun is making a brief appearance from behind these clouds but I’ve got the six stop on now so I’m taking some long exposures of the same shot I forgot to mention earlier that there’s some really nice reflections in there in the sand here whether there’s a little bits of water I also forgot to mention that people seem to like walking right across the front of the shot which is always lovely don’t worry about it I mean there’s loads of beach behind.

But just walk across the front it’s fine I want you in my shot honestly I do thank.

You so much for walking in it anyway.

Not to worry I think what I’m gonna do now I think I’ve done enough here I’m just gonna see if I can catch this son that’s what I really want to do I want to catch the son behind.

There if it comes out but it’s just popping it keeps popping behind the clouds so probably not going to do that but what I want to do now is try and catch some.

Of these waves because they’re fantastic these breakers.

Actually have to get in the water to do this they might get a little bit wet but it’s going to be worth it summer shoes and socks are off I’m in the water I’m shooting down the line of.

This the beach I’ve got one second I’ve got a one second exposure I’m bracketing so some are coming out at just under one second some are coming out at.


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