So this is a quick review of the AWS 1900 USB 3 wireless internet adapter from alpha networks it supports 802 11 AC a and G and B and being USB 3 means it can transfer at the higher speeds it is backwards compatible and it will work in a USB 2.
Even have one to test this so old you’re gonna be.

Limited because of the transfer speed so you really want this to be plug into a USB 3.
0 to get the full speed if you’re connecting at a wireless at that higher speed.

So let’s unbox it now I’ve already taken the plastic out because I’ve already tested the device and I know the plastic that it came in kept all these little nice shiny and fingerprint free until I touched them so that’s been removed is not an official unboxing and I don’t know that that’s the most.

Of this it’s generic boxing to me I know your standard setup well let’s talk about the device.

Itself so it is USB 3 has the USB 3 style hook up in there comes with a really nice USB 3 cable it’s.

Actually pretty heavy-duty which I it’s not like a thin cheap feeling one I thought that was a nice include there now this is neat there are feet on the bottom but then if you say.

Hey I want to hang it out the window of my car for some good old-fashioned war driving you can snap this little piece in which actually is a little bit difficult to snap in just gotta take some effort to push it but once.
Eventually if you put some effort I’m afraid to want.

To break it all these times there you go same with taking it out I don’t this doesn’t feel like maybe it will hold up I don’t know but then you have a suction cup and you can stand stick it to something and will stick to.

The plastic here and then it holds with the suction.

Cup so I think that’s kind of cool so if you’re into were driving back in the day which is always fun and if you’re not familiar with a dually you’d be able to go do this and hang it in the window of your car and drive around pull that off there we also have a clip right here that.

You can slip in and then you can clip it to something and hold it on there too so if you don’t want it just sitting on your desk it’s got this the downside is once this little backing is on.

Here once you have the back piece you it doesn’t really sit level it’ll slide around so we’re gonna go.

Ahead take it back off because I’m just going to use it sitting on the table here here’s that heavy-duty really thicker USB 3 cable with the blue end to signify USB 3 and then the micro USB 3 and on.

This snaps right in not a proprietary cable or anything here but does work so we’ll put the antennas on give you an idea what this thing looks like so once you have the device all hooked up with the antennas it looks.

Pretty cool the antennas are the standard connectors that I’ve seen on most Wi-Fi I didn’t measure them to confirm that they fit the other antennas I have laying around so there’s standard screw.

Type I know there’s a tight butt or a name to that that I don’t know for that type of fitting but they’re locking in place so they have like.

A lock in the 45 and 90 degree angles so pretty pretty easy to adjust the move them around and try and figure out where the optimal signal is when you want to do this and.

Like I said before when you clip it on the back here you can use it in your car like this and.

Be able to you know maybe do some more driving but so far it’s worked really well and now we’re gonna jump into showing it in action because that’s what really matters now you’ve kept the physical part taking a look at you get an idea that’s it it’s really complicated it’s what since it’s a short part of the video is this let’s talk.

Functionality with it now let’s talk about operating system support I’m running this on Linux yes it works but let’s talk about.

How it works so they do have support for Windows XP Vista 7 8 9 8 10 3 to 64 Mac OS.

And Linux now the one thing about the windows support is I didn’t test it on anything other than Windows 10 because its current but the drivers are available on the CD for some of the older versions of Windows I’m just not gonna.

Waste my time testing it so that’s up to you but for the Linux support if that’s what you’re here looking for here is the instructions and I’ll leave a link in the comments.
Below really easy so it did not work out of the box.

Running right here in 2018 but it did work really easily by copying and.

The driver rate from github and following these simple instructions to do a build of the driver so pretty straightforward just to run the build on your computer and load the driver from.

Here so and it’s kept up to date there’s actually.

Been some updates some of the piece of the driver older but.

As long as ten months ago they’ve added more features to it the driver works perfectly fine no real issues took only a few seconds to do but I.

Guess it’s important to know that if you’re using this and you’re only internet connection is through wireless that you will have to either get this offline or copy from another computer so if you don’t have a hard line to do this that’s something to think about now let’s talk about the performance so here I have a debian system and I’ve already.

Done some testing with it and I’m just going to do it again here is my computer showing disconnected this is how the adapter shows up as a.

WLX 0cc so on so on it’s connected to my network is connected at.3 so i’ve got full connection signal level 100 link quality 100 it’s as connected as it can be and we’ll go ahead and run the speed test with iperf and i know it’s not the most scientific.

Gets you an idea that roughly I’m seeing gigabit speeds here not bad for wireless and this is going to vary with the different adapters that you have but for the most part.

I’m gonna show you the same test on the same network hardware so we’re seeing like 934 we’ll run it again and.

It’s in my office there’s some.

Distance and as I’ve talked about before with Wi-Fi there is interference issues that you can get with this so 936 that time but you see this is pretty much gigabit transfer speeds and if we go ahead and and take it and do it locally to my hard wired address my hardware address.


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