Alright guys this video today is about manual mode why you should practice in it and why you should love it stay tuned alright guys this is the angry lensman Channel I am Jason Charles today’s video is going to be on why you should practice in manual mode right so a lot of people a lot of videos anyway they.
Watched and a lot of articles I’ve read.

They seem to be nervous or scared about using manual mode that’s all I’ve been taught on I learned.

On sorry not taught to learned on manual mode on all my cameras right so I only have three cameras so I don’t mean to make someone have a barrage of cameras but have the sony a7r two at the Canon I’m 50 and I have to set the canon g7x mark 2 which is being just I’m using the record right now on I’ve used all my cameras and manual mode for the simple fact is I want to learn how to use my cameras.

Faster and be more intimate with the camera itself automatic is great but it figures everything out for you right now of course if.

City and I’m looking to get something action issue or moving I want to use autumn right let it set itself off and take the shot for me but in manual mode you get to play with your app and show your shutter speed and your ISO you learn what works what doesn’t right so learn how to shoot your camera in manual mode getting to your camera again put the menu mode it’s like driving a stick shift in a.
Car you’ve learned the mechanics when.

You’re driving stick shift no one drive.

Stick shift and just place around until they get it you play around the stick shift and you stop learning that the gears are catching and the reason why they’re catching at this this gear.

And the RPMs you have to get to to get to each gear right so with that that’s the same thing as manual that’s learning in cameras like you would if you drove stick shift now most of us today do not try stick shift I.

Had a motorcycle so I know the ins and outs of it and I’ve jurisdictions here and there it’s the.

Same thing with manual you get to learn that that that car when you’re driving stick shift when.

You’re driving you riding a motorcycle.

It’s learning that that vehicle learning how it sounds the.

Way it jumps or moves in either first to second second and a third same thing with the camera every.

Time you play with your ISO your aperture shutter speed you get to learn the camera a lot better and a lot faster on my net.

When you play in manual mode you learn the do’s and don’ts really fast when you play with your camera manual right so you.

Have your what is it show is all too high you could blow out the pictures.

Right you learn that if you drop your shutter speed and you take a picture and you Joel it gives.

It that blurred look right so now these are things I’m again.

I’m just starting to learn with my cameras because like I said I’ve been playing around with them so long the other thing Manuel does is it forces you to read your manual because now you’re looking at the camera.

You like now why is it doing this why is that where the hell is this setting or is that setting now you have to go back to Amanda a lot of people they buy a camera they throw the manual away and that’s when she throw it away but they push it off to the side and never to be looked at again manual mode.

Forces you to a read your manual camera manual and be do some research go on YouTube and learn your camera so for example the sony a7r – there’s a lot of courses on YouTube where I could.

Just watch a video and go through this step by steps with the guy on how to use my own camera which is pretty cool it’s the same for the Canon m50.

Which I just got which I don’t have it on the table so let me go and get it okay.

I’m back so here this is the canon.

And 50 i’m really impressed with this now professional photographers will rant about this camera i will do a short review on this camera because there’s a million and one reviews on all of these cameras and devices here I don’t want to be another one lost in the mix though I’m a small channel so it really doesn’t matter if I do it but I will go over certain reviews on cameras and I will do some gear review depending on the depending.

On the item depending on the device on a camera and I mean reviews are out there ready.

So right now the candidum 50 is probably my favorite to go camera I like their canon g7x mark 2 as well that cameras really good probably one of the best pointed shoes I’ve ever had but d2 professional.

Consider the m50 a professional but I would be considered a beginner’s game it’s a lot of little things with that I’d like that beginners would absolutely love versus the sony a7r 2 which is a.

Professional camera but was my first professional camera and I learned how to use this again in manual mode and I learned it pretty fast I did have to go online I didn’t have to look at my manual camera manual I did go.

Online but I learned his camera pretty quickly and there was a.

Huge difference between the m50 and the ACE of our two night and day and now I’m starting to see these differences when listening to photographers online I used to think or on YouTube I used to think the photographer.

Sod it just being pansy issue and 42 ID and thumbing their noses up to these cameras I see what they’re talking about but because I’m gonna beginner I still like the Canon I’m 50 it’s just an easy camera to deal with next scene why do they point beginners to certainly hammers but I am.

A zero to sixty kind of guy so I’ve bought with the sony a7r – just because you know go hard to go home no so that was pretty much it for this video I’m going to start doing more videos outside as well I know people get tired of seeing the same guys sit in the same room I am in my bedroom right it gets all you you want to see like the the.

Photographer at work or you want to see them doing something the action ish.

So hopefully tomorrow if it’s a nice day if it’s not raining I’m gonna get out there with the kids we’re gonna do a couple of videos and a lot of a lot of picture taking alright guys so anyway this is the Angry.

Lensman thank you for watching you liked it subscribe to this channel you can also follow me on.

Twitter and Instagram and hope to see you.

Guys back soon thank you for watching.


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