What’s going on my dudes it’s been forgotten media and today we’ve got five tips for better music photography now you could argue that music photography is one of the hardest forms of photography you’ve got low light fast-moving subjects high dynamic range smoke lasers pretty much lots of things that cameras hate combined with the fact that you’ve usually only.

Got three songs and then you’re out the pressure can really be on to make sure that you get the best shot saying that for me it’s one of the most rewarding forms of.

Photography you don’t really have much control over your scene so when you do get a good shot it feels all the more worth it so right now I’m gonna.

Share with you five things that Irish I knew when I first started doing music photography tip number one is shoot fast when we refer to a lens as fast we’re referring to the aperture so a wider aperture is gonna let more light in apertures.8 are really gonna help you get a lot more light onto your sensor this right here is the Canon 50mm 1.8 aka the nifty 50 this is such an important men’s you could pick these up for around a hundred pounds and will really help you get used to shooting out wider.

Apertures this is an incredible lens and comes with me pretty much everywhere I go now tip.

Number two is shoot fast this time we’re referring to the.

Shutter speed now we’re getting more light into the camera by opening up the aperture we need to deal with those fast-moving subjects as I’m sure most of you have seen by leaving the shutter open a little too long you get a blurred messy image if you want to freeze that motion you’ve got to get the shot open and closed nice and quickly before your subject just had a chance to move now this is personal for everyone but I personally very.

Rarely shoot slower than one two hundredths of a second there are of course.

Exceptions to this rule but generally it’s rare if I’m shooting slower than that now tip number three is try and keep your ISO low now we’ve set our shutter.

Speed and our aperture we have to make sure the image is bright enough or properly exposed the.

Issue with ISO is that the higher you go especially unlike lower end cameras the more grainy the.

Images which means in Photoshop or Lightroom you’re gonna have less flexibility to edit the image almost all cameras have got an exposure indicator either here or here this will give you a really good.

You’re letting in when it’s in the middle you’ve got a pretty good chance that your image is going to be exposed properly I generally tend to aim somewhere about minus one I find that gives me enough.

Room in Lightroom to push the exposure a little bit higher with tools built into Lightroom like the denoiser you can clean the image up a fair bit but in my opinion it’s better to start with a cleaner image over the course of a show it’s pretty much the only value that I’ll change it really pays to know where your ISO button is so when you’re looking.

Down the viewfinder you can tap that and then dial the ISO up and down keeping an eye on your exposure indicator to make sure.

That you’re getting the right exposure tip number four is shoot manual this is going to give you the best control over your camera settings Auto is great when you’re developing to take a photo and then go back in Lightroom and have a look.
At the settings of the camera chose in low-light settings with.

Lots of moving lights fast moving subjects and lots of smoke around it can play havoc with the camera settings and it’s not guaranteed it’s always gonna choose the best settings for that particular scenario experiment with your camera turn things up.

Affect the image learn what settings do what and eventually as you start to learn those you can pretty much look at a scene and start to dial those numbers in before you’ve even taken a photo as I said before pretty much the only value I change during a show is my ISO and by learning where all these buttons are allows me to really really quickly adjust my exposure as I go finally tip number five is back button focus autofocus is amazing especially on cameras like the 5d and the 1dx sometimes that.

Can grab focus on something that I can’t even see through the viewfinder I’m awful at manual focusing by the time I’ve got a subject in focus they’ve.

Moved a number at square one composition is super important but your subject isn’t always going to be front and.

Center of your image although you do have focus points that you can use the little joystick on the back to select it’s not always practical to do so that is where back button focus really comes in with most canon cameras.

Out the box half pressing the shutter release button starts the focusing process once the cameras found the thing to focus on you hear this beat and then you can release the shutter with back button focus with back bottom focus this button here takes over the role of the half press when you press that button your camera’s gonna start focusing on whatever your focus point is over once you release that button your camera’s focus will stay locked and you can release the shutter as many.

Times as you like and it’s time to refocus you hold the button you track your subject release.

The back button and then release the shutter what I found for more unique compositions is to release the button and then recompose my.

Image and fire the shutter release after a while it just becomes muscle memory to track your subject release recompose shoot release recompose shoot I was shooting for nearly a year until someone told me that thanks Owen and now it’s become pretty much my go-to setting as soon as I get a new camera and they were my five.
Tips for better live music photography.

Now I’m not saying this is the only way to take photos of bands it’s about finding a formula that works for you and developing that everyone has their own style and their own flavor and the only way to find that is to.

Get out there and practice message bans on Facebook find bands that are playing locally you generally find they’re pretty receptive if you ask to take photos of them comment.

Below with any tips or tricks that work for you hit like if you liked what you saw and remember to subscribe thanks for watching I’ve been been forgotten media peace.


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