Hello and welcome to October’s video there is no street photography in this video not this month did something a little bit different two things in fact so the start of the month I went on an actual walk like a proper walk with these four people they are on a mission to complete ball 214 Wainwright’s that are in the.

Not I think it would for a day with him we did eight on that day even about six I was it’s pretty tough going the legs were aching and obviously having a camera and tripod to carry thankfully my tripod doubled up as a walking stick the first time I used my just.

Full MV filter which I think it’s something up this one was pretty bright so it helped bring down that glare a little bit I also took some of a couple of waterfalls which yeah it turned out all right.

It’s gonna blow you away but second part the month I went to old Bank which is.

On all bunk it’s a disused bank that’s in Manchester I think it’s a.

Listed building but there is going to be some cosmetic reconstruction going on inside I thought this was false walls going up and.

Stuff took a few shots of the states in another minute a few detailed shots there’s a nice big chunky safe in there which quite liked as halloween is coming up or may have just been watching a couple of.

Shots at the end this video which I wanted to share with you so I work in a high school on the back of.

A photography class which it’s very handy and we use these cameras which are olympus mini pen EPM – DSLRs quite although few years the lenses go down.5 so nothing major not particularly wired up at you or anything I don’t open evening we’ve set one of these up on a tripod with a white backdrop rapport up some fancy dress clothes from the drama department just as a little introduction to photography and stuff I need.

To thank this little eight-year-old lad who must have other sibling in the school already or something he put some clothes on and he just stood in front of the camera and managed to get a couple of shots and the quite fitting for the theme of Halloween as you’ll see it also allows me to demonstrate to the kids that you don’t need the best camera that’s out.

There you can get awesome shots on it’s probably now 300 pound camera at Photoshop tweaking.
It’s just about time I’m studying anyway cuz any which is it stand up let.

Me know give us a thumbs up subscribe I’ll watch house.



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