Welcome to this week’s vlog now it’s summertime as we all know here in the UK and the temperatures are absolutely scorching and the TV and basically everything is all about tennis and Wimbledon because it’s just started now I’ve got to be honest with you are you I was at one time a massive massive fan of tennis but oh.

Well it just drives me crazy so I can’t stand it so now it’s obviously a good time to get out the house so I’ve decided to come to Whitby now Whitby is one of my favorite places to come.

A photograph the problem is with Whitby is it’s full of these iconic shots not there is anything wrong with iconic shots but I don’t really want to get involved with that.

Tonight’s and I want to try and look for something a little bit different also Whitby is on the east coast of the country so in theory would be is better for.

Sunrise and it is sunset and I’m here right now at the end of the day as the Sun is starting to drop behind me as you could probably see on the camera but I’m not gonna let that put me off because over the past four or five nights the sunset has been so fantastic and so strong with the clouds that are so high even though the Sun is setting on the west side.

Of the country on the east side of the country it’s still aglow with lovely red skies and so on and so forth so.

I’m here tonight fingers crossed to capture a Sun set on a sunrise location that’s my plan so from my first shot I thought this looks quite interesting we’ve got the beach huts here and again we don’t really or I’d certainly never really photograph the beach huts but what I’ve decided to do is to photograph the pier who.

Way out of Whitby shooting right across and actually focusing in but I’ve decided to use these beautiful colors of the beach huts as foreground interest now I’ve opted for a really really wide shot here and and the reason why I’ve done that.

Is because as much as I like the beach huts I don’t really want the beach huts to be too dominant in the image so opting for a really really.

Wide shot it means I can pull those beach huts down nice bit of interest on the bottom right-hand third of the image showing the vastness of the water and at the moment this amazing sky that we’ve got.

I’m shooting this even though we’ve got this light here with my 10 stopper on.
There and a neutral density filter on the front of point 9.

Nd grad I’m managing to obtain a 2 minute exposure at aperture of f/16 and that’s to smooth the sky out I’ll.

As well increasing the shutter speed like I normally do just to take a faster the faster shutter speed shot of the sky to freeze.

It so we don’t have the blurry clouds that I tend not to like it takes so little just to make me smile you don’t see you do I’ll buy it for someone who makes me ride but you don’t see you to take the time you wanna miss you know I know you can’t get up and I was you don’t.

Know what-mon dreams alive and wherever I wanna go for sure if I like this one it’s a little bit different I suppose but I’m not sure if I’m over a mode with it what we’ve got is the beach huts now on the right hand side I’ve.


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