Two weeks ago today I made a video on how to edit landscape photos inside of Lightroom now this video was just part one it showed you how to make basic changes using the basic tab today it’s part two and I’m gonna be going into more detail with the changes that you will be making but this time we’re going.

To be focusing on how to use color to tell a story in your image and also to change the composition I think its first important now for me to show you the tools that I use to change color with inside of library I nearly always start by using the HSL sliders which.
Is found here and the reason for this is because.

You can change a few different things you.

Can change the U which is the actual color itself if I wanted to make the Greens here a little bit more towards the yellows I could simply go onto this slider and push them up and change the color itself let’s bring that back down you can also change the saturation which is how vivid and.

How vibrant the color is in the.

Photo so let’s use the greens again as an example if I push them all the way up you can see how saturated they’ve become now of course.

I don’t want them that saturated so I’m going to bring them right down finally we.

Have luminance and this is great because you can change how light and dark your colors appear let’s stick with the green again if.

I was to bring it down I will be making my greens darker in the image.

And then if I was to push it all the way up I’ll be making them lighter so let’s bring him down to zero you can see from the HS our sliders here they make subtle changes and I think.

That’s what I like about them and it’s what I do most of my color changes with sometimes I will go along it’s a split.

Toning I don’t really make a habit of using split toning that much and but what you can do is split toning is you can introduce.
A color into the image and give.

You an overall field and an.

Overall tone so if I wanted to make they see me look let’s say a bit more summery I could simply come here.

Onto this rectangle this is gonna bring up the colors and then if you think of a summer photo or a summer scene you’re gonna think of a nice golden orange color so.

I could press here on this golden orange color and you can see that’s introduced it into the photo now that to me looks too strong so if you click.

Off or out the rectangle you can simply go on to saturation you can drag that up or down and introduce more or less of the effect in so that’s what split toning does.

You to make an overall change to the tone and feel of your image so let’s just bring that down now very.

Occasionally I will use the tone curve I used to use the tone curve a lot but I don’t really use it much anymore and that’s because it makes it’s.

A very powerful tool and I find that I can make all of my changes with the HSL sliders and that does a good enough job finally you’ve got calibration which are pretty much.

Never use this is also a very powerful tool let me show you what I mean if I was to push the green up here you can see it makes drastic changes.

To the color of the image now you might like that kind of thing that might be something that you’re looking for so if it is then you can use this tool.

But it’s not something personally I use myself and that’s because I like to keep.

The image as close to the original photo that I’ve taken I don’t really like to make.

Drastic changes to the photo itself so let’s click off collaboration so there the tools which I use but the main one I nearly always stick with is the HSL sliders and that’s because it makes a subtle change to the image so what you can see in front of.

You right now is a photo which I captured when I visited last week one of the highest waterfalls in the British Isles it’s a beautiful place I’m really happy.

With this photo actually I think it’s really nice this is of the bottom section of the waterfall got this lovely focal point here which is this rock which has been eroded.

Away over hundreds or thousands of years and it’s enabled the cascading water to come through here and then come down and hit these rocks it really is a beautiful scene but when I was there one of the things that really stood out to me is the autumn colors and they really were so vibrant and really.

Beautiful to look at but when I looked at this image after capturing it I noticed that you could see it in places but it hadn’t really stood out that much nowhere near.

It was when I was there so this is a great example of being able to change the feel or the color in your image and what I would use would be the H s ounce loaders for this so I can.

Come over here onto my hater Sal section click down and what I want to do is I want to bring through.

Them autumn colors I think the green here is saturated enough and he stands out enough in the image.

So what I want to do is actually bring bring out the oranges and the yellows which you associate with autumn so I’m going to come onto my u slider here and I’m going to really push up these sliders just get a feel for kind of how they’re going to change and you can see as I push on the.

Orange you can see where the orange is you can.

See it’s actually changing to a red color now I don’t really want to change it too much but I do want to make it more saturated let’s say so.

Up slightly and then I’m gonna pop along into saturation and then I’m gonna add more saturation to my orange and you can just see how that pops out the image a little bit more.

Now we can do the same with yellows as well you do find that.

Yellows are closely related to greens and sometimes when you change the yellows it actually affects some of the green areas or at least what you think’s green in the image anyway so if I push up the yellows here you can see that it’s actually in some areas of my green but I don’t mind.

That too much because if I’m honest with you my Canon lens has captured the greens maybe a little bit more vibrant than they were and.

So I’m just gonna bring this back more to the yellow and then I’m gonna pop along the saturation again and then I’m gonna push the saturation of the yellow up as well excuse me and you can now see how that’s really starting to stand out more.

You can see the separations in the colors the green the orange and the yellows are are also starting to pop out the image as well now what I will say is sometimes when you’re doing this you can make changes to other parts of the image as well that you don’t really want to change.

Now in the next section which is part three I’m going to show you how to make individual changes to certain areas of the photo rather than global changes.

So for instance maybe this water here has been affected by me pushing up the saturation in the orange and maybe that’s a bit more kind of vibrant than I want it to be so in part three I’ll show you how to change that but.

Let’s stick along the path that we’ve started with here if I go along to luminance this is going to enable.

The lights and darks in the image or should I say that how light and how dark the color is so what do I want.

When I’m looking at this image I think I’d like the greens to be a little bit darker perhaps and then the oranges maybe to be lighter but this may be different when I actually start moving around.

The sliders so let me try bring in the Greens down a little bit make them a little.

Bit darker like that and then let’s push up the oranges to make them a bit lighter okay and I quite like the way that looks I don’t think I.

Want to go too light with the oranges what that really does separate them it almost makes the green sit back in the image and then it makes the oranges pop out of the image so you’ve got that lovely separation that you would have with dodging and burning the lights and the darks okay so I’m quite happy with the way that’s looking there it’s always nice to look.

At it before and after so I’m gonna have a look this by pressing on the /k this is the this is the start.

Here and then this is the after and I really like what I’ve managed to do here with the colors just created more of the autumn feeling which I actually experienced when I was there I hope you’ve all enjoyed part two of this mini aloe cream video series now part three will be following but it probably won’t be next week it will be the following week after and.

That’s because I have a really exciting adventure ahead which is tomorrow through to Sunday and I’m visiting somewhere I’m not gonna tell you any more now but.

You should definitely check out next Thursday’s installment and you’ll get to see everything that I was doing this weekend now if you haven’t already and.

This is your first time visiting it would mean a lot to me if you subscribe to the channel also it might benefit you guys because there’s lots of tutorials which I’ve put on here and also lots of photography adventures of me taking photos of beautiful places now whatever you do guys I hope you have a fantastic day today and I’ll see you all really soon.


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