Every describe back to here and welcome to this capture one tutorial for beginners so if you’re new to capture one then this is a perfect video for you make sure you stick around and watch all the different things that I go through in this video also if you stick around to the end I’ll show you how you can.
Save 10% off new versions of capture one as well.

As upgrades so that’ll be at the end of the video alright let’s get started so let’s have a look at the interface now if you’ve downloaded the free trial or if you’ve had it for a while your version of capture 1 may look different than what you’re seeing.
On your screen right now but.

You can configure capture one pretty much any way you would like so let me show you how to do some of those basic configuration adjustments and then we’ll progress from there and then I’ll show you how to do some basic landscape adjustments by the end of this video alright so let’s get started so you can see here we have.

What they call the browser on the right-hand side now if I wanted to adjust the size of these images you can see here if I just click and hover over it we have double arrows left and right I can drag this so now we have larger thumbnails that we can look at and say ok that image looks pretty good let’s check that out now let’s say you.

Had a couple of different images and you want to kind of compare them you can do that in Lightroom you can do that in capture one as well now an easy way to do that is we’ve got this one highlighted you could see the white box around it if you look in your upper right now also we have to do is click on another image and we can compare that one.
As well so I’m going to hold the command.

Key on the Mac I’m not sure what the command is on a PC but I’m.

Gonna click on that now you can see we have these two images side-by-side now if I wanted to add a third one again I click on the command key and then I’ve added a third one and then let’s say ok I’ll add another one so just by holding that command key and clicking I can preview these different images and the more I add they’ll show up in the screen but they’ll get smaller so I don’t like to do more.
Than four at one time but I could look at.

These four and I could say hmm under these four I think I like this one so all we have to do to deselect is the same thing click on command click on the.

Image it disappears and then you can see it’s highlighted so we just click on that it’s easy to remember which ones you’ve clicked on because they’re already highlighted.

With a white box now let’s say you had a series of images in a row you could click on the top one here so that’s what.

We’re looking if you hold the shift key and click on the bottom one then it will highlight all four images.

At once so I’m going to click here and you can see my computer’s hung out but there we go so we have the four images now you can see into these four we have some red in this image so I’ll walk you through that next so what we’ll do is we’ll just dehy.

So again just command and click those will disappear and then we’ll be left with just the one image here now the highlights here are in red so these are blown out.


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