We have a northern coronal hole that is going to be rotating into the earth strike zone and possibly bringing us some activity and two bright regions on the earth facing Sun are boosting solar flux and firing mini solar storms those stories and more in the news this week space weather this week is definitely calming down a little bit.

Last week we got hit by some fast wind from a coronal hole that brought us up to storm levels for a short while and did bring.

Us some Aurora but since then we’ve been dealing with kind of.

A remnant coronal hole it’s brought us some pockets of fast wind and kept us pretty much at unsettled conditions and now it’s pretty much a waiting game we have a northern coronal hole that’s going to be rotating into the earth strike zone and if it looks familiar yes it is we’ve seen this one last month it hit us and it did bring us up to storm levels from the fast wind permit this month it’s not looking quite as wide.

And it’s not coming quite as far down in latitude so we’re not necessarily expecting all that much from it probably some activity maybe storm levels especially if one of these eruptions that I’ve seen up there actually precedes it so it’s kind of hard to say but we are getting little mini solar.

Storms we’ve got two bright regions on the earth-facing disk.

That have been boosting the solar flux and if you watch them they’re also firing little mini solar storms so it’s interesting the activity we’re seeing these ones aren’t earth directed but we will wait for that fast one from that coronal hole to hit us and we could get some more Aurora switching to your M flower threat.

Meter you can see we’re still incredibly low when it comes to the x-ray flux and therefore by proxy this solar flux is still low we’re well below the B floor when it comes to x-ray flux and when those two regions rotated on to the earth-facing disk we did manage to pop a few.

Small flare starting around the 12th and that’s actually when we were firing a couple of the mini solar storms as well but this activity.

Has managed to keep us into the marginal range for radio propagation we hope the activity continues so that these regions remain bright enough to give us enough solar flux to.

Keep us up meanwhile we’re probably going to last maybe the next three days or so maybe a little bit longer before things begin to tank a little bit and we’ll drop back down into poor radio propagation switching to our solar storm conditions you can see we actually hit some storm levels back on the seventh this was.

Due to a coronal hole a big one that we had seen the month before and that time it had actually brought us two g2 levels well this month we didn’t quite make it to g2 levels but we did get some decent storming that brought us Aurora in many parts of the world and then after that it just didn’t settle down as we expected and it kept us at.

Active conditions for days upon days it even popped us up to storm conditions and Ken right around October 11th before things finally began to settle down and then after that we bumped back up to storm conditions again from another coronal.

Hole which was much smaller which last time we talked about wasn’t going to last quite as long and that’s what happened and then things have settled down and that’s kind of where we are now we’re kind of in a waiting game for this next coronal hole to.

Rotate into the earth strike zone and we could easily start seeing storm conditions or at least active conditions starting around the 19th and over the past couple weeks we’ve gotten some amazing Aurore over many parts of the world and I can’t possibly show you all of the.

Shots that I’ve gotten but I’ve put some extra links in the description of the video so that you can take a look at them yourselves so let’s get.

Started we’ve got some gorgeous over with a reindeer in Norway and a roar was seen in Finland it was seen in Estonia and it was seen in multiple places in Sweden we saw it in Denmark and it was all over Scotland I got more photos from Scotland than I think anywhere else strangely enough and it’s been seen in.

Ireland and it was seen all over the UK we’ve got shots from Shetland and from Norfolk it was seen in Yorkshire and it was seen in Northumberland and as we travel over the Atlantic it was seen in multiple places.

In Iceland and as we go to the Western Hemisphere it was all over Alberta in fact we had multiple field basically at the same location they didn’t even know it but they both shot the same bridge and then as we go down under we saw it in multiple places in Tasmania and.

Also in New Zealand so what else does our son have in store first this week well this is stereo a it’s our backside monitor you can see here’s.

Earth here’s the Sun and here stereo a staring at the Sun from behind what you immediately see.

Are the bright regions that are on the west side of the Sun in stereos view those are.
The two regions that have now rotated into earth view.

And you can see they’re firing off little mini solar storms and flares and that activity is what is boosted the solar flux for amateur radio operators and emergency responders so we’re hoping that.

This will continue and it’ll keep that radio propagation in a marginal range for everybody who’s responding to hurricane Michael in the devastation there now meanwhile we also.

Sun’s east limb from stereos view and that’s associated with this coronal hole there’s some activity there we’re not exactly sure.

What’s going on so we’re gonna be watching that to see if that is sputtered out or if there might be something brewing on the backside switching to your solar storm conditions and Aurora possibilities over the coming week we are anticipating the.

Hit from that fast wind from that northern coronal hole that’s.

Going to be rotating into the earth strike zone and luckily this is not our first dance with this coronal hole because it hit us last month as well so we have an idea of what to expect.

At high latitudes no is expecting minor storm conditions with about a fifty five percent chance of a major storm now mid latitudes were only expecting active conditions this time with about a 20% chance of a minor storm but there is what looks to be a stealthy solar storm or.

A reasonably stealthy solar storm launching from that region right now which could enhance these effects and it could.


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