I moved to this farm about five years ago now and one of my main objectives here is to try create more food security both for myself and in the community so as I have lived here I’ve put in more gardens I’ve gotten chickens and most recently some Dexter cows my name is sue Sanger I am a professional biologist.

And Agora gist I think it’s really important as a community as a regional district to look at food security food security is.

Really about making sure that the area we have which is amazing for agriculture production is here and available to feed people long into the future this is our chicken pen grid and we’re using electric mesh fence with a solar electric this is a way of having fruit trees and having birds without having bears or other wildlife problems this.
Soup then the chickens will come and they’ll clean this whole bowl up.

And again it’s a way of reducing waste for most households two or three chickens is enough to process your kitchen waste.

And produce eggs as a result you guys want to be helped in communities one of the challenges we face is how people handle waste around their yards.

People sometimes will throw bags of garbage out on the deck for example or take it to the curb too soon storing dog food outside feeding dogs outside leaving bird feeders up greasing barbecue grills all these kinds of things attract bears into the community and then once the bear is there it’s gonna go from house to house looking for the same thing it really takes everyone to be managing waste.

Well one of the challenges we face is invasive species so these are come in and take over the ecosystem so they’re introduced from somewhere else they take over the natural places of other plants and they don’t provide the same food quality that the native species would provide invasive species should not be put in a regular.

Compost pile because then when you use the compost you’re gonna spread their seeds all over.

When bears cut used to eating garbage most of the time they end up dead so grizzly bear is a very wide-ranging omnivore actually so they eat many different things plants and animals so if you can keep a grizzly bear on the landscape all the.

Things that bear needs to survive are also on the landscape too so that’s why we call it an umbrella sort of takes care of many other things and we’re facing a crisis on the planet and we need to take better care of the planet and use our resources wisely love this place reduce your waste.


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