Ah don’t be so quick to click away I’m gonna give you three things that improve the quality of your life help your friends love your family and above all pay attention to drone tutorials I probably did actually I probably did but I’ll take that if I did scare you that is the exact feeling that I felt watching my.

$1,000 drone crashed into trees and pombal to AIDS death but I have accepted the fact that if you buy a drunk you’re gonna crash it and I practice on my mini drones for like months before I got the.
Real drone it’s gonna happen however today I.

Want to give you a tactic now it will not help you not crash your drone but it will help you get better footage if you find a drone the right way and don’t crash it this is what I like to call the scare tactic every time I fly my drone I’m extremely paranoid about what the footage is gonna look like so I used this scare tactic to keep me alive if.

This tactic that I’m about to show you I can guarantee you 100% of the time you will get good footage if you don’t crash scare is an acronym for settings color.

Enhancements so the first one you want to get the settings right just right off jump so you want to make sure you use an ND filter you want to shoot as flat.

As possible I’m talking super born you don’t want any color coming into the camera you know what the camera.

To get everything it’s flat as possible so you’re gonna shoot them what’s called the dialog on the maverick Pro also shoot everything in 4k trust me just.

Looks way better always suit low ISO I’m talking 100 nothing greater than 100 and put.

The shutter speed at 50 if you have all the DOE settings in your.

Camera you are on your way to having some great drone footage Nexus color but we’re gonna circle back to that one so just sit tight for angles when you’re.

Flying you want to make sure that you have an objective anything that’s in the middle.

Of the image it’s usually what stands out the beach is dead center in the middle of the frame here I have this open pore this is where your eye is like naturally there this was a wedding.

And I wanted to really get a good shot of the reception hall so be cognizant of what’s lying right there in the middle of your image all right now let’s go back to color remember in the settings I had to shoot everything is usually flat and boring no color that’s what that we can color correct it once.

We get into post-production see for something is this flat I like to bump the contrast.

All the way up and bring the blacks and highlights all the way down that generally does it for me I’m not like a colorist or anything so I’m not like super hey know when.
It comes that I just let the colors to like pop.

Out like both are is for reality what environment are you flying in are you flying over a beach are you find in the woods and what are the real sounds that you would hear in those different environment for this side this is a beach shot so what sounds do you hear at a beach you hear like.
Just you know took that audio file and slapped it.

In there I get all my audio files from YouTube next we have enhancements so you can really go creatively crazy here like so adding music sound effects all.


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