Hello welcome back to my channel everybody my name is JC caylen I’m currently on tour but I am on a break and what I would like to do on this break is travel a little bit and explore some cities absolutely love so I called up Chelsea told her I wanted to take a little vacay with my baby and.

We decided we’re gonna be on the.

Lookout for some great photo ops and the best grilled cheese in town because I love to take photos and she loves to eat grilled cheese.

Taking her three cities Nashville Albuquerque in Seattle which you’re currently at and I want to give a big thank.

To Google pixel before this paid partnership because without them this trip wouldn’t happen and since Google just hooked me up with the pixel to I thought I’d show you how to take some photos with it coincidentally I also.

Found this sweet super 8 camera on my trip and I thought it’d be cool to show you a little of the old and mix it in with a little bit of the new and if you want to visit any of these locations take some pictures.

Or whatnot I’m saving all these on a custom.

Google map and the link will be in the description so you can check them out Nashville is mostly known for their country music but if you ask any local what they love you’ll get answers as diverse as rooftop Bars and west tennessee style barbecue first stop we’re going to Martin’s for some barbecue I just hope Barton knows how to make some good grilled cheese maybe yes I’m a cowboy baby I’m a.

Cowboy baby while we were waiting for our barbecue we played a quick match at ping pong where the.

The winner but I mean he’s really the.

Loser then you know so I ordered brisket some sausage some baked beans and some mac and cheese let me tell you it was good I would rate this grilled cheese sandwich a nine and a half it was really good it was almost out of ten let’s go we are on.

Broadway in Nashville getting.

Ready we’re gonna dance our butts off so after dancing we explored some new spots and snapped a couple pictures so one thing about.

The pixel 2 is that it’s really great at night just make sure you turn on the HDR plus I did some kind of magics you make your photos look way better even in low light all right everybody that concludes our day it’s been.

Great Nashville what was your favorite part for today you pretending to be a sunflower it was really funny with your pedals yeah that was really funny Oh beating you up ping-pong and getting that hug.

My hug yeah thank you I’ll do it again you want in the next city our adventure is not over on top of cookie you ready in New Mexico the sunsets are like 15 minutes of magic and I’m hoping to catch one with Chelsea today so before any cowboy can ride off into the sunset you definitely need to.

Hat cowboy cowboy I’m looking out for by the so we checked out the snake museum and they had snakes they have long snakes short snakes brown snakes green snakes big ol snakes snakes snakes any snake you can.
And they also had tortoises are you.

Going I’m a cowboy babe’s in my head little photog tip for you guys on our new pixel phone my Google it has a grid feature that way you can level all the lines in your frame everything’s.


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