This week I wanna show you how you can have a team working for you while you nap you may have heard Bill Mollison say you don’t have a slug problem you have a problem of a lack of Ducks true the same thing could be said you don’t have a caterpillar problem you have a lack of Birds I want.

To show you this week out team bird works in.

The permaculture orchard to solve that problem you may have heard the expression if you build it they will come I think it was in a movie somewhere well the same thing applies for your orchards or your garden if you build it I mean the orchard plantings or the fruit tree planting in trees take a look.

At that video trios then the birds will come and this week I.

Want to introduce you to my team bird who takes care of my caterpillar problems so I can continue to enjoy the NAP system of trio’s now on the first line we’ve got the fly catchers these are really important because they catch the adult versions before they lay.

Eggs and become caterpillars like this least fly.

Catcher then you get the Eastern King bear and all these look for perches here’s.

A typical place where an Eastern King burger would nest in the orchard on a horizontal branch couldn’t quite get a view inside to show.

The eggs horizontal branches are very important the last flycatcher is the great crested fly catcher with its characteristic wheep wheep call now let’s get into other aerial hunters that catch insects so here we have Tree Swallows they’re also on the first line since they catch the adult versions before they can lay eggs which will become.

Caterpillars tree swallows nest in the smallest nest boxes one of the curious things is to see them mating at this late period that usually means they lost their first clutch and they’re just gonna lay a second clutch at the same time some Tree Swallows had young.

That are just about ready to fledge you can tell the difference here is a female with a much browner back and the male with it’s brilliant blue plumage Eastern bluebirds have always nested in our orchard this one is obviously nesting and.

It’ll take many trips to fill its nest box I’ll always be very cautious when they leave make sure the coast is clear they don’t want to show predators that this nest is active how sparrows are not disparaged we want to have.

House sparrows nesting and so these nest boxes are gladly given to house sparrows.

If you ever have a problem with them fighting you just don’t have enough nest boxes so all those birds use the smallest whole inch and a half nest box and then this would be a two-inch whole nest box and we.

Also have a three-inch whole nest box for kestrels and owls the smaller owls squirrels as well will use these on the second line you’ll have any bird that’s nesting that is looking to feed its young with caterpillars in this case.

House wren now voraciously capture anything that’s abundant including caterpillars and you’ll.

Typically see a nest with branches another caterpillar hunter the song sparrow like most birds feeds their young with whatever is most abundant now you don’t expect a Robin to be hunting caterpillars you expect them to hunt for worms well they do they’ll take whatever is abundant and they nest right on the.


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